Friday, 7 October 2016

I believe in magic because of my bestie!

Friendship is the most beautiful element of life because friends are those magical gifts that we give ourselves. In the journey of life, we make many friends, but there is always that one friend that stands by our side like a rock, who came in our lives not to merely embellish it, but to add more meaning to it…who came to stay and not to leave after a few days. Yes, I am taking about our besties.

I met Priyam Kapoor in class eight when I took admission in National Gems Higher Secondary School. I can clearly recollect that none of the girls were talking to me on the first day of school and how miserable I was feeling. I was sitting on the last bench quietly when I first noticed her. A cute, chubby girl with two ponytails and a beautiful smile that spreads all over the face was looking at me. She came to my desk and introduced her saying that I can tell her if I face any problem on my first day. She would be glad to help me and be my friend. I beamed and then she asked what I have brought in tiffin and whether I will share it with her.

So it was in 2003 when I met this girl who told me that I can share with her if I face any problem. And even after 13 years in 2016, whenever I hit the rock bottom, all I do is send her a message “I am feeling terrible. Can you call me?” Within a few minutes, I get her call, irrespective of whether I have sent the message at 3am in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon. She is my lifeline. I can proudly tell that she is my audience poll, phone a friend and 50:50 at the same time.

I can clearly remember how we have spent lazy evenings on her terrace in our high school days discussing about our crush and giggling to our heart’s content. When we left school, I thought that our friendship might fade slowly due to lack of time. But I was so wrong. In fact, over the years, we have started understanding each other on a deeper level. We have profound conversations now apart from those silly, giggly ones that make us literally roll on the floor laughing.

We have truly grown up together. We have nursed each other after we had our first breakup that almost seemed to make the world stand still. Over the years, we have cultivated the art of understanding each other’s silent tears.

The best thing about our friendship is that we never judge each other and there is no room for envy. Even when we do not get each other’s point of view, we are only concerned about each other’s well being. I feel happy to see her grow in life and I know she feels the same for me. She is my best cheerleader and at the same time, she also gives me a reality check from time to time to keep me grounded.

We keep having a lot of fun and quirky moments. When I had a leg fracture, she was laughing like crazy just because she also had a leg fracture in the exact same place exactly a year back. So that made her believe that we are soul sisters. We have conversations that no one can understand and we can just go on a laughing spree looking at each other.

We also have a lot of deep moments, when we are totally on the same page, able to understand each other clearly. Those moments make me believe that magic indeed exists in life. My friendship with Priyam is one big magic that I have experienced in my life.

I just heard that ZEE TV is bringing a great chat show called “Yaaron ki Baarat” that is co-powered and Brooke Bond Red Label. In this fun-filled chat show, we can see some popular celebrity friendships that will go through some fun tasks and challenges. I am really excited to see this amazing chat show, “Yaaron ki Baarat”. It will surely be lots of fun. Watching celebrities take fun challenges to prove their friendship sounds great. Doesn’t it?
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  1. A very heartwarming post dear. I have known Priyam through Facebook since quite some time and can admit she is really sweet and kindhearted girl. You two have really evolved with time and wish the bond gets stronger by every passing day. :) God bless u both <3

    1. Thank you so much dear. Yes, we have really evolved with time. I loved your post too. And Priyam often talks about how sweet you are :) <3

  2. God bless you both and high five to friendship... It is blisss..

  3. God bless you both and high five to friendship... It is blisss..

  4. Both of you are so cute and look awesome together. Friendship is what makes us breathe life. I made the best of friends in 2003 and this post make me harks to that past. It feels like yesterday only.

    1. So true Vishal. Without friendship, there is no life. Thank you so much. Great to know that my post took you back to the past, golden days :)

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  6. Awww such a cute friendship...may you be friends forever :)

  7. You look like sisters and such a cute post!
    Harshita Kapur

  8. So lovely when we have friends like these, right? I love how you describe her as your 50-50, phone a friend and audience poll too! How cute!

    1. Absolutely, Shailaja :)
      Life seems so beautiful with friends like these. Glad you loved it. And so good to see you here :)


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