Monday 26 September 2016

The best destination for your Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp has made our lives fun. Isn’t it? We can easily connect with our friends and family, have long conversations in groups and chat to our heart’s content. Unlike the old SMS days, WhatsApp is fast and interesting. What makes it more fun is of course, updating the display picture and the option to update status that reflects our state of mind.

I love to update my WhatsApp status on a regular basis. Whether it is a friend’s birthday or I am travelling, I am always updating my WhatsApp status. Yes, there are some days when I can’t think of a perfect status that goes with my mood. Then, song lyrics or some familiar quotes come to my aid.

However, recently I came across a website called where you can find the finest and the largest collection of WhatsApp status on the internet. There are more than 60 WhatsApp Status categories such as Love, Motivational, Broken Heart, Spiritual, Inspirational, Friendship, Birthday, Emotional, Relationship, Funny, etc. 

There are hundreds of professional writers associated with this website who write unique, interesting and catchy statuses. You can find a status for every occasion and mood. They add new status daily, and therefore, you can find plenty of statuses to choose from.

So the next time, you cannot think of a perfect status that’ll match your mood, simply check the WhatsApp status collection at If you have just fallen in love, check out the Love WhatsApp Status collection and update a status that best suits your feelings. You can make your beloved feel special by your status. 

Now, if you are a writer, then has something more in store for you. As a writer, you must be having great one liner and thoughts in your mind. Instead of keeping them with you, share them with the world. You can register for an account on this website and can regularly contribute your unique statuses. There are plenty of categories for you to choose. You can write statuses on love, motivation, friendship etc.

For the first 200 status, pay Rs1/approved status and after 200 statuses, they pay Rs2/approved status. So just by writing unique and interesting statuses, you can earn some extra money. 

Whether you are in look out for a perfect WhatsApp status or have great statuses in your mind, check out right away. It is the best destination for your WhatsApp status. 

Change is the spice of life. Then, why keep the same, boring WhatsApp status for weeks and months? 

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  1. Well written Purba & yes am already a member at @Whatsstatus ....

    You may check an article(on Whatsstatus)that I am coming up with very soon...

    Thanks for the lovely article.... Purba

  2. Great info, Purba...didn't know about it... :-)

  3. Ah ha!!! You knew what I want.. he he.. Thanks for the post :)

  4. Good one. I am a member of whatsstatus and it is real fun. :)

  5. Seems quite interesting.. I wasn't aware of it.. thanks for sharing dear :)

  6. Interesting and perhaps useful site for the Whatsappians.


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