Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Your Blessings

The incandescent light within me
That fails to snuff out
My hopes and dreams
Even in the darkest of nights,
Assure me that you are there
In the form of your blessings.

The clues and premonitions
That help me solve the riddles of life,
Take me out of the tricky labyrinth
And enlighten me with a new dawn,
Assure me that you are there
Showing me the way.

The love and kindness in my heart
That prevails even after cruel betrayals
The scent of forgiveness 
Amid vengeance and bitterness
Assure me of your divine touch,
Purifying my heart from negativity.

I can find you in the first morning sun ray
Blessing me for the day
I can feel you in the first drop of rain
After a spell of scorching heat,
Soothing my pain like a night lullaby.
My soul is the abode of your blessings.

-Purba Chakraborty

When I think of blessings, I remember my mother who continues to bless me and show me the path, despite not being with me physically. Tomorrow is Janmashtami which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and I can always feel His blessings and teachings guiding me in life. I read the Bhagawad Gita, the holy book of Hindus whenever I feel lost. So, this poem on blessings is dedicated to my mother and God. 

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  1. When spirit is ever present, it is a blessing, indeed. Your imagery is moves me.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous writing, Purba ❤️ Wishing you happy Janmashthami ❤️

  3. love how the rhyming flows. thanks for sharing.

  4. beautifully penned Purba....people never leave they stay and guide us with love and omens :)

  5. What a wonderful dedication and blessing.. I am sure your mother is with you - wishing you a peaceful day tomorrow

  6. I know that your mother and God both bestow blessings and that you feel your mother's touch guiding you, Purba. A mother's first concern is her child, no matter what plane she is on. This is a beautiful poem. When one has been hurt,the blessing that comes is being much more cautious about who you trust the next time, to be certain the person is worthy of the great gift of your trust. You are destined for a golden future, that I know.

  7. Gorgeous writing, especially that last stanza.

  8. "The incandescent light within" may this always shine to receive and realize the Blessings. Happy Janmashtami Purba. I cooked 'Payesh' for my Baby Gopala, today:)

  9. The devotion expressed is too good. Great read.

  10. God is where faith is....beautiful words, Purba... Haapy Janmashtami... :-)

  11. Happy Janmashtami and hope His blessing will always with all of us.

  12. So beautiful....It's hard, I have lost both my parents and the pain is still immense, but please try to hold onto the memories of happier times. Don't thankful for the blessings, Purba.
    Happy Janamashtami.

  13. Such a wonderful poem on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami! Loved the essence! :) Happy Janmashtami :)

  14. We have a lot of devotees in this town. I had lunch today with a dear friend who told me it is Krishna's birthday. :) I particularly love the sentiments in your last verse.

  15. Such a beautiful post, touching every little thing in our heart and soul. Happy Janmasthami!

  16. This is such a heartwarming dedication to your Mom dear. She is indeed blessing you always! Happy Janmashtmi

  17. Lovely heart touching inspiring poem dear, yes blessings are a real treasure and a great source of strength for life. May we always bow to the Lord for His vision and love.

  18. It is divine. Each word expresses devotion and reflects purity of soul.

  19. What a beautiful nod to your mother.

  20. A lovely tribute to your mom, I am sure she is watching over you lovingly.

  21. A gentle and grateful acknowledgement of a strong spiritual presence! Well-penned.


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