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Choose health and wellness with Thyrocare!

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I was not feeling well a couple of days before. Whether it was weakness or tiredness, I didn’t understand, but I thought to do a couple of regular tests to be sure that I am fine. That was when I heard about the services of Thyrocare from a friend of mine.

Thyrocare is the world’s largest thryroid and preventive health care laboratory that can be found in 2000 cities in India and also internationally. They provide a wide range of preventive healthcare packages under the brand name, Aarogyam profiles.

Although I am really lazy when it comes to doing regular health checkups, I opted for an Aarogyam package which included the following 74 tests:

Liver Profile (11) | Cholesterol Profile(8) | Homocysteine | Kidney Profile (5) | Thyroid Profile (3) | Iron Deficiency (3) | Diabetic Screen (2) | Complete Hemogram (28) | Vitamin Profile (2) | Toxic elements (9) | Pancreatic Profile (2)

My experience with Thyrocare has been good. Here are some of the things that I liked about Thyrocare:

1.   Package benefits

It was really helpful to get 74 tests in a single package. I got the soft copy of the reports within 48 hours of sample collection. I came to know that I was suffering from iron deficiency and therefore, I occasionally felt tired and lethargic. As soon as I got the reports of Thyrocare, I consulted a doctor and started my treatment. The wellness package also assured me that the reports of the other tests were normal.

2.  Affordable cost

If you look at the preventive care costs of other health care laboratories, you would notice that the Aarogyam packages of Thyrocare are very affordable. They are totally worth your money.

3. Turn around time

The turn around time for appointment and services was impressive. Once you select and book a package, they will ask you for the appointed time. Once you give them the time, they will send their technician at the scheduled time. If by chance, you cannot be present at that moment, they will reschedule the appointment without any complaints.

4.  Service Provider

The technicians of Thyrocare are very professional, polite and well mannered. I did not feel any pain or discomfort when the technician collected blood sample for the tests.

5.  Customer Support

The customer service of Thyrocare is very impressive. They are very prompt in replying to the queries of customers. You can easily reach them through whatsapp, email or call. When I asked them for the reports, they asked me the booking number and immediately told me when I can expect to get the report.

I am very content with the services of Thyrocare. I am looking forward to book another Aarogyam profile for my grandmother. The fact that their technicians are so polite, punctual and friendly really makes Thyrocare an ideal destination for your health checkups.

We should never ignore our health at any cost. Therefore, if you feel any sickness, book an Aarogyam wellness package. 

“The joy of healthy living comes with good health and proper care”

This is the motto Thyrocare follows and so should we. Choose health and wellness with Thyrocare!

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  1. Nice post, Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Paying attention to health always pays!

  3. Very Informative post dear and quite useful.

  4. It is really helpful. Regular health checkup helps a lot in averting major complications. Health is the actual wealth. :-)

  5. I am a Thyrocare customer. They are pretty good.

  6. I too had some problem for over 2 years... later got tests done, there is vitamin, iron deficiency, I am taking vitamin tablets, health drinks and B-12 injections(:... I am still not too fit... I would take a second opinion soon.

    1. You should consult a doctor. Have plenty of iron rich and vitamin rich food. Do take care :)

    2. I am consulting doctor... I think should take second opinion... weakness is there still):

  7. Nice information.. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Useful information, might help somebody out!

  9. I can recommend it to my sister-in-law. She can use their services.

    1. I am sure she will find their services useful :)

  10. I recently availed Thyrocare services for my dad and very satisfied with them. A very informative post dear. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  14. Hi,
    Purba Chakraborty... I like your post and it make me aware that their are good companies who are there in diagnostic testing.
    My local labs test were not reliable as they have very poor quality management.
    Your blog post was very useful as my mother has some thyroid issues and need constant monitoring . I just downloaded their app and booked a test it was easy procedure.


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