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5 amazing facts about Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond, the latest movie of the iconic Star Trek series has been released on 22nd July, 2016. Star Trek Beyond can be considered as the best movie in the popular Star Trek series. It has got rave reviews abroad. If you are a fan of the iconic Star Trek series, you cannot miss watching this movie. 

Since it is the 50th anniversary of the most loved and iconic sci-fi series, the makers have tried their best to give the fans of Star Trek an unforgettable experience with Star Trek Beyond.

The new age audience is absolutely loving the new Star Trek movie. The new enhanced version of the series is being lapped up by audiences. If you haven’t yet watched Star Trek Beyond, here are 5 amazing facts about the movie that you must know:

    1. The Five Year Mission

The plot of “Star Trek Beyond” focuses on the five year mission. Fans of Star Trek already know that the five year mission is the adventurous space mission that Captain Kirk, Spock and friends head out to explore the space. The five year mission, which is for exploring strange new worlds and to seek out new lives, as quoted by Captain Kirk will be a treat to watch on the big screen.

    2. Idris Elba plays a villain

In the Star Trek Beyond movie, audiences can see Idris Elba playing the dangerous villain. He plays the role of Krall, a reptilian alien. It will be interesting to see Elba playing the role of a villain.

      3. Attributes of the director

The director of Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin has taken a new approach to draw audiences. We know that Paramount faced some crisis when director J.J. Abrams shifted to Star Wars from Star Trek.
If you have seen the trailer of Star Trek Beyond, you can understand that Lin has tried to make Star Trek Beyond more action-packed and crowd pleasing. The reviews of Star Trek Beyond confirm that Lin’s approach has worked great with the audience.
Along with writers, Doug Jung and Simon Pegg, Lin have successfully made the funniest Star Trek movie since Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home that released in 1986.

4.     You will meet new aliens 

Idris Elba plays the villain, Krall whereas Sofia Boutella will play the role of Jaylah who is a brave warrior, trapped on the planet of Krall. You will get to meet new and interesting aliens in the rebooted Star Trek movie. 

    5. You can see a new enterprise

In Star Trek Beyond, the death of U.S.S enterprise occurs early in the film. The conflict takes place when the enterprise crew is compelled to abandon ship and take shelter on Krall’s deadly planet. That is when Krall kills their ship. However, the best thing is that you can see a new enterprise, Enterprise A on which the crew will return back. Before the end credits roll, you can see the new enterprise.

It will be very exciting to see Captain Kirk and company exploring fascinating new worlds on the big screen. Don’t miss this rebooted Star Trek movie. It is getting great reviews and is being loved by the young audience.

Catch #StarTrekInIndia at your nearest multiplex for an amazing experience! It is a must watch movie!

Here is the trailer of Star Trek Beyond

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