Thursday, 28 July 2016

Choose health and wellness with Thyrocare!

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I was not feeling well a couple of days before. Whether it was weakness or tiredness, I didn’t understand, but I thought to do a couple of regular tests to be sure that I am fine. That was when I heard about the services of Thyrocare from a friend of mine.

Thyrocare is the world’s largest thryroid and preventive health care laboratory that can be found in 2000 cities in India and also internationally. They provide a wide range of preventive healthcare packages under the brand name, Aarogyam profiles.

Although I am really lazy when it comes to doing regular health checkups, I opted for an Aarogyam package which included the following 74 tests:

Liver Profile (11) | Cholesterol Profile(8) | Homocysteine | Kidney Profile (5) | Thyroid Profile (3) | Iron Deficiency (3) | Diabetic Screen (2) | Complete Hemogram (28) | Vitamin Profile (2) | Toxic elements (9) | Pancreatic Profile (2)

My experience with Thyrocare has been good. Here are some of the things that I liked about Thyrocare:

1.   Package benefits

It was really helpful to get 74 tests in a single package. I got the soft copy of the reports within 48 hours of sample collection. I came to know that I was suffering from iron deficiency and therefore, I occasionally felt tired and lethargic. As soon as I got the reports of Thyrocare, I consulted a doctor and started my treatment. The wellness package also assured me that the reports of the other tests were normal.

2.  Affordable cost

If you look at the preventive care costs of other health care laboratories, you would notice that the Aarogyam packages of Thyrocare are very affordable. They are totally worth your money.

3. Turn around time

The turn around time for appointment and services was impressive. Once you select and book a package, they will ask you for the appointed time. Once you give them the time, they will send their technician at the scheduled time. If by chance, you cannot be present at that moment, they will reschedule the appointment without any complaints.

4.  Service Provider

The technicians of Thyrocare are very professional, polite and well mannered. I did not feel any pain or discomfort when the technician collected blood sample for the tests.

5.  Customer Support

The customer service of Thyrocare is very impressive. They are very prompt in replying to the queries of customers. You can easily reach them through whatsapp, email or call. When I asked them for the reports, they asked me the booking number and immediately told me when I can expect to get the report.

I am very content with the services of Thyrocare. I am looking forward to book another Aarogyam profile for my grandmother. The fact that their technicians are so polite, punctual and friendly really makes Thyrocare an ideal destination for your health checkups.

We should never ignore our health at any cost. Therefore, if you feel any sickness, book an Aarogyam wellness package. 

“The joy of healthy living comes with good health and proper care”

This is the motto Thyrocare follows and so should we. Choose health and wellness with Thyrocare!

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Thread of acceptance

I saw them first in the park
On a beautiful spring morning;
A very good looking couple
That grabbed everyone's attention
The man looked extremely polished
Reserved and quiet
The woman was a wild bird
Laughing loudly, without any restraint
Fleeting here to there
Always up to some mischief.
I could often hear them
Bickering with each other
On silly, meaningless subjects
Till they were worn out
And headed towards home.

I observed them every Sunday
Month after month
As they bickered and debated;
I frantically searched for the glue
That held them together
Despite the silly fights.
It was after my chat
 With the lady one evening
I learnt that there was no glue.
It was the pious thread of acceptance
That kept them together
They loved to fight
As much as they loved to love
None wanted to change anything 
About each other.

-Purba Chakraborty

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

5 amazing facts about Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond, the latest movie of the iconic Star Trek series has been released on 22nd July, 2016. Star Trek Beyond can be considered as the best movie in the popular Star Trek series. It has got rave reviews abroad. If you are a fan of the iconic Star Trek series, you cannot miss watching this movie. 

Since it is the 50th anniversary of the most loved and iconic sci-fi series, the makers have tried their best to give the fans of Star Trek an unforgettable experience with Star Trek Beyond.

The new age audience is absolutely loving the new Star Trek movie. The new enhanced version of the series is being lapped up by audiences. If you haven’t yet watched Star Trek Beyond, here are 5 amazing facts about the movie that you must know:

    1. The Five Year Mission

The plot of “Star Trek Beyond” focuses on the five year mission. Fans of Star Trek already know that the five year mission is the adventurous space mission that Captain Kirk, Spock and friends head out to explore the space. The five year mission, which is for exploring strange new worlds and to seek out new lives, as quoted by Captain Kirk will be a treat to watch on the big screen.

    2. Idris Elba plays a villain

In the Star Trek Beyond movie, audiences can see Idris Elba playing the dangerous villain. He plays the role of Krall, a reptilian alien. It will be interesting to see Elba playing the role of a villain.

      3. Attributes of the director

The director of Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin has taken a new approach to draw audiences. We know that Paramount faced some crisis when director J.J. Abrams shifted to Star Wars from Star Trek.
If you have seen the trailer of Star Trek Beyond, you can understand that Lin has tried to make Star Trek Beyond more action-packed and crowd pleasing. The reviews of Star Trek Beyond confirm that Lin’s approach has worked great with the audience.
Along with writers, Doug Jung and Simon Pegg, Lin have successfully made the funniest Star Trek movie since Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home that released in 1986.

4.     You will meet new aliens 

Idris Elba plays the villain, Krall whereas Sofia Boutella will play the role of Jaylah who is a brave warrior, trapped on the planet of Krall. You will get to meet new and interesting aliens in the rebooted Star Trek movie. 

    5. You can see a new enterprise

In Star Trek Beyond, the death of U.S.S enterprise occurs early in the film. The conflict takes place when the enterprise crew is compelled to abandon ship and take shelter on Krall’s deadly planet. That is when Krall kills their ship. However, the best thing is that you can see a new enterprise, Enterprise A on which the crew will return back. Before the end credits roll, you can see the new enterprise.

It will be very exciting to see Captain Kirk and company exploring fascinating new worlds on the big screen. Don’t miss this rebooted Star Trek movie. It is getting great reviews and is being loved by the young audience.

Catch #StarTrekInIndia at your nearest multiplex for an amazing experience! It is a must watch movie!

Here is the trailer of Star Trek Beyond

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ideal Yatra: A vacation in McLeod Ganj

I have a huge weakness for the hills. When I am amid the hills, I experience a sense of tranquility. I feel closer to myself. Therefore, the best gift that I can give myself is a vacation in the hills. I am quoting a few lines from one of my poems “The Hill Song” that clearly explains my love for the hills.

I keep going back to the hills
Bask in the delicious sun and the greenery,
Read the love letter of the mountain breeze.

Listening to the inner and the outer tune
I slumber peacefully on the verdant earth
My soul talks to the flowers.

I have always wanted to visit McLeod Ganj which is located 4km north of Dharamsala Town. It is one of the biggest traveler hangouts in Himachal Pradesh that attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world. There are so many things about McLeod Ganj that attracts me.

The scenic beauty of the Dhauladhar Mountains, the peaceful and spiritual ambiance, the variety of cuisines, the Buddhist way of living, attaining inner peace through yoga and meditation are enough to convince me that I will have a great time McLeod Ganj. This is the place where I can get in touch with my inner self and feel rejuvenated after coming home from the vacation.

As McLeod Ganj is quite far from Kolkata, I have been postponing this trip for a long time. But now I really wish to gift this vacation to myself soon.

Four days in utopia

Since there is no direct flight from Kolkata to McLeod Ganj, I will first take a flight from Kolkata to New Delhi. I can choose Indigo Airlines for that. After that, I have to take another flight from New Delhi to Dharamsala. Spicejet Airlines is good for that purpose. Then, I have to finally take a cab from Dharamsala to McLeod Ganj.

Day 1

After checking in the hotel, I wish to try some authentic Tibetian cuisine in a nearby cafĂ©. After soaking in the beautiful ambiance of McLeod Ganj for some time, I would like to visit the Dalai Lama Temple which is famous for its peaceful ambiance. I would then explore the Tibetian market while returning back to my hotel. 

Day 2

I would start my 2nd day at McLeod Ganj by visiting the Tushita meditation center. I wish to attend the guided meditation session that starts at 9.30 am.
After feeling rejuvenated with the meditation session, I would move towards the Bhagsu Waterfalls.  

Day 3

On the third day, I would like to trek to Triund. I have heard from many people that Triund is the gem of McLeod Ganj which one cannot afford to miss. Basking in the beauty of the snow-clad mountains while taking the trek will be an extremely rewarding experience. 

Day 4

On the last day, I would like to go to the market to purchase some memoirs. I would also try some more cuisines. Most importantly, I would spend the last day in McLeod Ganj going for Paragliding in Bir-Billing. I have earlier done Paragliding in Kalimpong, but I am sure Paragliding in McLeod Ganj will be a thrilling experience. 

Just planning this itinerary in my mind is giving me an adrenaline rush. Trekking, Paragliding, trying various cuisines, attending a meditation session, shopping and interacting with local people…a vacation to McLeod Ganj is the Ideal Yatra I am looking forward to. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Are health checkups necessary?

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”~ Buddha

We often ignore our health in our fast-paced lives. We are so busy juggling our career and social life that we tend to take our health for granted. We do not understand the importance of health checkups and health care. Only when we fall sick, we realize that health is wealth. 

Regular health checkups are extremely important. We must take out some time from our busy schedule and go for a health checkup once every six months.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why health checkups are necessary:

To prevent chronic diseases

If you have any health issues, your doctor can spot it in the initial stage. Some popular health checkups are cholesterol level check, blood pressure test and diabetes check. If the doctor finds any problem in your report, he can immediately begin the treatment and medical process. Thus, you can see that health checkups can prevent chronic diseases.

To reduce healthcare costs

Regular health checkups can save you a lot of money in the long run. As they minimize the risk of health issues, they also save you from high health care costs such as surgeries.

To protect your eyes

Eye care tests are extremely important for people of all ages, especially those who wear glasses or contact lens. Your eye doctor can check if you have any eye issues or if you need a new prescription for glasses.

For proper dental care

You must visit a dentist every six months to get your teeth checked. Good oral health is very important for a healthy body. Gum diseases can result in tooth loss, whereas too much bacteria in the mouth can result in heart diseases.

Take doctor advice whenever you have any health issues. However, along with health checkups, regular health care is also very important. You must follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and book regular health checkups for a healthy life.

Manipal Hospitals are a world-class network of 15 hospitals in India that are known for providing the best health packages and health-care services. You can find experienced doctors and specialists in their website. You can view the profile of the doctors and book an appointment immediately if you have any health issues.

If you feel that your parents or your partner need a health checkup immediately, you can gift them a health checkup.Your little gesture can restore their health. You can find various gift packages on the website of Manipal hospitals such as comprehensive health check for men, comprehensive health check for women, senior citizen health check, etc.

 Always remember that prevention is better than cure!

Note: The images of this post have been sourced from the website of Manipal Hospitals

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Spring and Autumn

Life of a person
Often resembles the seasons;
Love colors your life in spring
You bloom in joy and delight
Your beloved adores the flowers...
....Then suddenly autumn visits
And the flowers depart with the leaves
Leaving behind the branches.
You slowly adapt to the change
Compromises are inevitable in life,
But what happens when
Your beloved cannot adapt or compromise?
You sigh...till spring returns
Only then you realize
May be, he loved only the flowers
There is no space for
The barren branches and the dull roots.

-Purba Chakraborty

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