Friday 27 May 2016

Various Types of Rangoli Designs

Ethnico is a great website for ethnic design inspirations. You can find beautiful Rangoli designs, Mehndi designs, makeup tutorials and ethnic wear in their website.

Rangoli is a very popular artwork in most Indian families. Different types of rangoli designs are created to embellish the house in religious occasions, weddings and festivals. It is strongly believed that Rangoli brings good luck and prosperity to the home. 

The origin of rangoli designs is from centuries before. Many people say that our scriptures had references of beautiful rangoli designs. However, over the centuries, the art has changed to a large extent and now there are various kinds of rangoli designs that people make to adorn their house in auspicious occasions.

Rangoli is known by various names in different parts of India such as Alpana in West Bengal, Kolam in Tamil Nadu and Mandana in Rajasthan. A rangoli design is generally drawn with lime stone powder or chalk powder. Rice flour was traditionally used for creating rangoli designs as it acts as food for birds and insects.

Simple Rangoli Designs

If you are a beginner and you are interested in adorning your house with some beautiful rangoli designs, you can try out some of these simple rangoli designs for religious occasions such as Diwali.

If you are looking for beautiful rangoli designs for weddings, you can try out this pink rangoli.

Peacock Rangoli Designs

Peacock rangoli designs are extremely popular because they look so beautiful. If you are good at drawing, then you must try to create a beautiful peacock rangoli in festivals and religious occasions such as Krishna Janmashthami. Do not forget to use appropriate colors for the perfect effect. Here are some peacock rangoli designs that will surely inspire you. 

Carpet Rangoli Designs

For weddings and festivals, you can also create carpet rangoli designs in your home. Carpet rangoli designs look beautiful in the living room. Here are some beautiful carpet rangoli designs that you can try.

Acrylic Rangoli Designs

Many people also prefer to embellish their house with Acrylic Rangoli or ready made rangoli, Here are some beautiful Acrylic Rangoli designs. 

The next time, you have a festival or a religious occasion at home, you can beautify your living room or the entrance of your house with one of these rangoli designs.

Note: All the images have been sourced from the website of Ethnico.

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  1. And they indeed look stunning particularly the peacock ones!

  2. How beautiful and artistic designs dearie.. I especially love the acrylic form of rangoli and have seldom tried the peacock style :)

  3. Such beautiful designs! I've always loved rangoli. My mom used to cast brilliant rangolis outside our home during Deepawali. Even now whenever I see someone drawing a rangoli, I forget wherever I'm headed and stand like a fool watching the creation in progress. :D

    Loved it!

  4. Beautiful designs! I love the peacock the most. :)

  5. Any auspicious occasion is incomplete without Rangoli. Lovely designs you have shared. Loved the peacock design rangolis.

  6. beautiful yet simple.. loved them :-)

  7. बढिया रंगोली...

  8. Aww..This is beautiful...I loved that peacock design much more...:)

  9. Rangoli designing is the most prominent activity of the time. It's time to play with colors. rangoli designs

  10. Loving the info on this internet site, you have done outstanding job on the content.
    Nice presentation of all beautiful Rangolies. ❤️ Thanks for sharing the creative/decorative Rangolies for all auspious/religious occasions.
    Absolutely amazing! some of them are masterpieces. I love to see the creativity growing :)

  11. How beautiful and artistic designs dearie..Any auspicious occasion is incomplete without Rangoli. Lovely designs you have shared. Thanks. 🎇🎇


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