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Rangoli Design Inspirations for every occasion

Rangoli is a beautiful Indian art form in which people create various kinds of patterns on the floor with colored sand, dry flour or flower petals. It is made during auspicious occasions and various Indian festivals such as Diwali, Pongal and Onam. Apart from serving as an object of decoration, Rangoli also brings prosperity and good luck to a house.

I am personally very fond of this art form. I cannot help but admire the intricate Rangoli designs wherever I see them. Every year on Diwali, I rack my mind for a unique and attractive Rangoli design that can make my house look beautiful and bring prosperity to it.

Rangoli designs can be of various kinds, such as flower shaped Rangoli, geometric shaped Rangoli or deity impressions. The more creative you are, the more you can experiment with your designs. Ethnico is a website that provides ethnic design inspirations such as Rangoli designs, Mehndi designs, etc. It is your ideal destination if you are looking for some great Rangoli design inspirations for any occasion.

You can find various kinds of Rangoli Designs on the website of Ethnico that will help you to adorn your house beautifully and creatively.

The enamel Rangoli in sky blue color is perfect for your home dΓ©cor. It can add a great welcome feel to anyone visiting your house. 

For festivals like Diwali, you can create one of these colorful Rangolis in your living room to make it look colorful. All these Rangoli designs look very attractive and radiant. They can easily change the look of your living room and make it look beautiful.

If you have a huge courtyard, then you can also create a Rangoli to welcome your guests in occasions such as New Year. 

You can also find Floral Rangoli designs on the website. These Rangolis look beautiful and they are made totally by using flowers and flower petals. Floral Rangolis can also be made on water. You can take inspiration from this design to create a floral Rangoli on water.

Floral Rangolis look beautiful. They add a lot of warmth, happiness and positivity to a house. So next time, you create a Rangoli, don’t forget to take Rangoli design inspirations for every occasion from Ethnico.

Note: The images have been sourced from the website of ethnico. 

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  1. Those Rangolis are lovely to watch Purba, simply attractive. Thank you for sharing those colourful ones πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š

  2. Beautiful designs. I too love making rangoli.

  3. Beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing the link of ethnico. :)

  4. lovely designs sweetie :-)

  5. It's a great art practiced around.. Very interesting and eye capturing designs, Purba!

  6. Such a lovely rangoli designs collection.

  7. really awesome rangoli but some time your site is down with images why!!Keep Sharing!!!


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