Saturday 9 April 2016

Planning and organizing events with Blisaura

Blisaura is the first interactive online portal whose motto is to help its users to plan and organize an event without any hassle. It takes full responsibility and ensures that its users are able to plan their event and execute it perfectly.

What exactly does Blisaura do?

Blisaura focuses to create happiness among not only its customers, but also among its partners and anyone associated with the company. Blisaura is built with the value of creating happiness and bliss. It aims at providing a blissful life to all its customers, vendors and partners. Their values are clearly reflected even in their emails.

The purpose of Blisaura is to help the users in searching, selecting, reaching and fixing the service providers for an event. The users of Blisaura can easily organize a social event and play the role of an event planner.

Blisaura is an online interactive portal that interacts with the user like a trusted friend. It offers valuable advice and suggestion to the user so that he can organize his event perfectly. It plays the role of a personal assistant to its users by helping them to plan a complete event and execute it properly.

There is an automatic process of follow-ups in Blisaura that helps the user while planning, organizing and executing the event.

Unique offerings of Blisaura

1.    There is a unique budget feature in Blisaura that helps its users to organize their event within their predetermined budget. Almost all people want to have a great party, be it a wedding party or an anniversary party within a predetermined budget. The budget feature enables the user to mention the budget, fill other necessary details and choose the services they require. Blisaura will understand the requirements of the user and provide services whose price will fit the prescribed budget. The users of Blisaura can customize their needs and Blisaura will take complete care of it.

2.    There is a status tracker in Blisaura designed to facilitate a hassle free event. The feature allows users to keep track of all the activities of their service providers.

3.    Blisaura provides its users the facility of ordering a sample food menu before finalizing the caterer. This is because Blisaura understands that food is the most important element of any event and experiences with caterers doesn’t turn out good always.

4.    Blisaura provides its users the facility of scheduling online appointments with the service providers. Since everyone is busy in their jobs and lives, scheduling an online appointment helps the user to meet the service provider at their convenient time.

5.    Finally, Blisaura allows the user to invite all the guests in the event through email invitations.

Blisaura aims at spreading bliss and happiness in the lives of people through its unique offerings and its great interactive portal. Currently, Blissaura is launched only in Bangalore.You can check out their website at  ocontact them directly at +91 7899455444.

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  1. It's a very interesting platform. Thank you for sharing dear :-)

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  3. Bangaloreans would make the most out of it! Interesting platform. Thanks for sharing dear. :)

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  7. Thanks for your comments guys. Connect with us at +91 7899455444 or or visit our website for any of your requirement.


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