Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Place Of Origin: The best of tea and coffee is a wonderful marketplace for special Indian foods, ethnic foods, famous regional Indian snacks and a wide range of tea and coffee. The food products that you will find in Place Of Origin are sourced directly from the producer and are delivered directly to the consumer. Therefore, you can be totally assured that you will get 100% genuine food products from Place Of Origin.

Specialties of Place Of Origin

Place of Origin is a paradise for foodies all over India. You can get delicious sweets and confectionery, snacks of various kinds, pickles, mixes, spices, tea and coffee.

The best thing about this website is that you can find food products from the popular and famous brands of India such as Flurys of Kolkata, Almond House of Hyderabad, Moshes of Mumbai, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwala from Pune, All good taste from Punjab, Amonar Tea from Nagaland, Anandini Himalayan Tea from Himachal Pradesh, Bean Therapy from Mumbai, Jay Hind Sweets from Gujarat, Seven Beans Coffee Co from Karnataka, Evergreen Sweethouse from Delhi and many others.

You can view the menu of the brands and shop for your favorite sweets, snacks and staples. They also provide free shipping on many of their products.

Best of Tea and Coffee

Most of us are addicted to tea and coffee. We cannot even imagine going through a long, hectic day without savoring cups of tea and coffee. Truly speaking, our life seems incomplete without the morning coffee and the evening tea.

You can find a huge range of tea and coffee in Place of Origin. Apart from black tea, you can also find chamomile tea and various types of green tea such as Darjeeling Green Tea Elixir, Green Tea with Himalayan Tulsi and Rhododendron, Palampore Kangra Leaf Green Tea with wild tulsi and many others. We all know the tremendous health benefits of green tea and Place of Origin provides you a lot of options to choose from.

For people who prefer coffee to tea, Place of Origin also sells a wide range of coffee such as Coffee from the Nilgiris, The café chic blend, Rich Hazelnut Cream Coffee, The Sunkissed blend, French Vanilla Coffee and many others.

Tea and coffee are best enjoyed with cake, biscuits and namkeen. Therefore, you can also shop for your favorite snacks from Place of Origin to give yourself a delicious treat.

Final words

Place of Origin is the perfect destination for people who love to enjoy various kinds of tea and coffee with delicious snacks from all over India. Hop on to the website to savor the various flavors of India.

A cup of tea or coffee seems to make everything bearable and makes life way better.  

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