Monday, 14 March 2016

Shades Of Life releasing on Holi!

Shades of Life is an anthology of short stories and poems, each of which depict a shade of life. Life is a supernova of emotions and the stories and the poems in the book highlight those myriad hues of life that makes it a roller-coaster ride.

It is the seventh anthology that I am a part of. The book has my short story Silent Offering which talks about the emptiness that gnaws at you when you abandon your most loved dream. It also talks about unconditional love and friendship. 

Here's a quote from my short story:


“Some people are not meant to be a part of our lives forever. Some people visit our lives for a brief period, not to stay in it, but to show us something that we have been unable to see it ourselves. In the form of a gift, a lesson or a piece of wisdom, they change the course of our life and help us to fulfill our destiny.”

Purba Chakraborty, Shades Of Life

Many of my blogger friends are also a part of this book. It has been compiled and edited by Saravana Kumar Murugan who is also a prolific blogger. The foreword has been written by Vinit.K.Bansal who is a bestselling author. 

The book will be releasing on Holi. It's currently available for pre-order in Amazon:

If you are in Goodreads, you can check out all the Quotes of the book
and also enter the Goodreads Giveaway to win a signed copy of the book. 

A lot of heart and soul has gone into the making of the book. It has soulful stories and poems by both new and professional writers.

I have a short message for all of you in this video. 


Make your Holi more colorful with Colors: Shades of Life!

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

She was called Weird!

She was called weird
As it was difficult to figure her;
She was unfathomable and complicated
One day, gentle and sober
And the next day, dangerously wild.

"Weird and crazy",
They called her aloud
She lazily glanced at them
Without a frown or a word
Her mind was at some other place.

Sometimes, a social butterfly
At other times, a lost loner
Her friends could never guess her mood,
But she was always comfortable
In her unpredictability.

A perfect paradox
Fiercely possessive on some days
Nonchalant and detached on other days
A heart of gold, but she was called weird
As she was impossible to understand. 

-Purba Chakraborty

Linking this poem with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Weird

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Hill Song

I haven't yet discovered a joy
More jubilant than dancing carefree
To the tantalizing song of Nature.

I haven't known freedom in its full glory
Until I lost myself slowly and steadily
In the wind and the rain.

I never saw beauty and modesty coexisting
Until the flowers and the green carpet
Invited me for an informal chit chat.

The hill song is an enchanting lullaby now
I yearn to hear it again and again
To sleep well and find the music in me.

I keep going back to the hills
Bask in the delicious sun and the greenery
Read the love letter of the mountain breeze.

Listening to the inner and the outer tune
I slumber peacefully on the verdant earth
My soul talks to the flowers.

-Purba Chakraborty


To celebrate the International Women's Day on 8th March, 2016, my poetry book "The Heart Listens To No hums its own song" will be free to download from 6th to 8th March in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Paragliding in Kalimpong!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" ~ Helen Killer

I went to Kalimpong last year summer with the motive to tick some of the items in my bucket list. I wanted to try adventure sports such as Paragliding and river rafting. Though I couldn't do the latter due to bad weather conditions, I was successful in living one of the best days of my life on the day I flew in the sky for about ten minutes.

We reached the Kalimpong Paragliding society. I could see many paragliders in the sky and I was determined that I am going to do it. To be honest, there was a little lingering fear in my mind, but I was extremely determined to overcome my fear and experience the oneness with the sky. The excitement was much more than the nervousness. 

There were two kinds of flight, medium flight of 10 minutes and long flight of 20 minutes. As it was my first time, I decided to sign up for the medium flight that was priced at 3000 INR. 

I got introduced to my pilot who was a very friendly guy. He assured me that there was nothing to worry and that it will be a life-changing experience. He told me to not move when we are flying and to carry the selfie stick. 

We climbed up the hill and got ready for the take off. My Dad accompanied me in climbing up the hill and motivated me to enjoy to the fullest, without letting any fearful thoughts enter my mind. I was extremely motivated by Dad's words and told him to click pictures with my camera. 

During the take off, my pilot was running towards the edge of the cliff. As the cliff neared, I closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, I was in the midst of the sky. 

I uttered a loud "Wow!" I was overwhelmed with reverence and amazement. I looked around with the eyes of a child. I couldn't stop reveling as I gazed at the lush green carpet, the hills, the tiny roads, the cars and people that looked like toys. It was as if I was seeing the world for the very first time. The heavenly beauty and the delicious tranquility were injecting my soul with an abundance of joy and fulfillment. 

It took a few minutes for the feeling to settle under my skin that I was actually amidst the sky. The wind was kissing my face with a secret welcome message and the sky was embracing me in its tender bosom. 

The view changed as we flew from one corner of the sky to another. As we were flying, my eyes fell on a blue bird that was flying a few hand distance from us. I kept looking at the bird with eager eyes and assumed that the bird was also looking at me, wondering, "What are these humans doing in my territory?"

Those ten minutes of Paragliding were the closest I have ever felt to Nature, to my soul and to God. I was flying in those ten minutes, dropping every single baggage that I had. 

I was one with the Nature and in complete harmony with my soul. I could feel every single heart beat of mine. I felt so alive, young, jubilant and full of positive energy. All the toxic thoughts that were there at some corner in my mind got cleansed by Nature. 

I was reborn again. I fell in love with life again. Finally, it was time to land. I could see my Dad waving his hand at me as we were landing. I felt so happy to see him. Those ten minutes felt like a really long time as it had a such a huge impact on me.

After landing down, I hugged my Dad. I couldn't say a word as I was still lost in the euphoric feeling. It was definitely one of the best days of my life and I felt so good to relive those moments as I was writing this post after almost a year.

You can read my post Dear Kalimpong, I heart you to know more about the beautiful place.

"Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments." ~ Mary Balogh

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