Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Open up a free shop on!

Did you ever wish to have a free online shop where you can sell your products and services? Is there an entrepreneur concealed inside you who keeps nagging you to start your business? Do you want to make quick money online?

If your answers to the above three questions is yes, then is the ideal destination for you. It is the perfect place that will allow you to sell anything to people around the globe. It is a great network and a free online marketplace for people who want to promote their small business.

Your showroom on

The best thing about is that its basic version is free. You can open as many showrooms as you want and add innumerable products in them. does not charge any commission for transactions. Therefore, you can be assured that all the profits will go directly to you. 

A showroom on is like your personal website that would contain your shop, blog and other contact details. You can easily display your services and products in your showroom and sell them worldwide.

Facebook Shop

You must get the cool Facebook Shop App if you desire to attract more customers. Your showroom can get more exposure with a free Facebook shop. Your fans and customers can buy from Facebook directly which would be much easier for them. It would only take a few seconds to add the app.

Similarly, you can also add the blog shop app to obtain more exposure for your ezebee showroom. It is also absolutely free and will let the visitors of your blog, buy directly from your website.

Products that you can offer

You can sell anything and everything in as long as it is legal. It can include professional services, individual travel offers, restaurants, fashion, furniture and handmade products. You can add unlimited products in your showroom. The payment can be made by bank transfers, PayPal or EZBs. 

Anyone can sell online now with the help of If you are an entrepreneur owning a small business, you can share your products globally. If you are a freelancer, you can offer your freelancing services to the huge community in You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or a freelancer to make money online. You can also sell your used items in the classified ads section of 

So, what are you waiting for? Create an online shop on and sell online. Opening a free online shop has never been easier than this. 

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  1. Nice online market place for sellers & buyers :)

  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I loved the concept of ezebee, I wrote abt them n two of my readers joined ezebee. I heard good positive response from them :)

    Cocktail Dresses

  4. sounds like a good marketplace!

  5. I already came across this marketplace recently only to realize you like it too! :) The concept of is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with your widespread audiences. Very well written!

  6. It sounds really cool. I'm checking it out right away.
    I know people who could use this.
    Thank you Purba. :)

  7. Sounds like a good platform for creative people.

  8. That is very interesting .. But i also think that there So many these days .. Ebay-amazon to name a few ...



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