Friday, 22 January 2016

My Peppy, Crazy and Amazing Best Friend!

We all need a person in our lives who can make us laugh even when we are feeling to break down, someone who can bring a spark of happiness even during the most pallid hours of our life. I am too lucky to have such a person in my life who is not only my best friend, but is also my lifeline and soul sister.

I call her my lifeline because whenever I feel burdened with the weight of the world and feel that life is not going my way, she brings it back on track by her motivating words that are coated with a killer sense of humor.

I broke my leg on her birthday in 2013, which was a terrible year for me. I looked at her with moist eyes and said “Pri, I think it’s a fracture.”

Instead of shedding tears or offering me any amount of sympathy, she started giggling and hugged me tightly. I was confused by her behavior and looked at her without a word.

“This proves we are soul sisters, my love. Last year, I also broke my leg and had a fracture in the exact same place. Cheers to our friendship and our unbreakable bond, Purba. Let’s celebrate!” This was my peppy bestie, Priyam’s reply which instantly lightened my mood. I started laughing and the fracture didn’t seem too big an issue anymore.

With her by my side, even the most difficult problems seem easy. It feels that when we are together, all the problems seem to bow down before us. If anyone or anything spoils my mood, I just need to dial her number and she would ensure that I laugh so much that tears trickle down my eyes.

The thing that makes this girl so unique and peppy is her quirky nature. I have come across so many different people, but no one is as quirky and as crazy as her. She gets sudden desires of exhibiting her craziness to the world. We were in CCD one day, chatting about our respective lives. Suddenly, I saw a twinkle in her eyes and instantly, I knew that she is up to some mischief.

When the waiter came with the bill of three hundred, she decided to give him two hundred rupee notes and coins amounting to one hundred rupees. The poor fellow looked at us as if we are some aliens and the other people in CCD looked at us as if we are some lunatic clowns. I felt embarrassed to the core, but Priyam looked like she has achieved something great.

“See, I made so many people smile today. If there is no craziness in life, there is no life at all.” She said and started laughing as we came out of the CCD.

This peppy girl is definitely one of the best things that have happened in my life. Right now, I am thinking about her crazy reaction when she will read this post.

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  1. You guys look such a cool bestie pair together dear. I have seen Priyam and your pictures together in your fb posts too and you guys look super cute :)

    1. Aww...thank you so so much sweetie. Priyam knows you too, from me of course and she always feel happy whenever you comment on our pics :)

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  3. Aww.. that's such a sweet post. All the best dear :*

  4. Good one! Fortunate art thou to have a friend like this...


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