Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cup of Nostalgia!

She sits by the window
With an old letter
And a cup of nostalgia;
As she savors them,
Voices and laughter become audible
The addictive smell of cologne, prominent.
She closes her eyes
To feel the softness of roses
And the enticing warmth of his breath.

Once she revels in the cup of nostalgia,
Nothing seems subtle and distant
Every smell, sound and touch
Is vivid and pronounced.
She has done this every year
On their anniversary
It has been a decade now
She has learned to find
His esoteric presence in his absence.

The cup of nostalgia slowly engulfs her
As she gazes at his last letter,
She can feel his soul
Caressing her and holding her frail hand.
She hums their favorite song
To celebrate their togetherness;
Time stays, people go
Soulmates are never apart
Be it death or worldly separation.

-Purba Chakraborty

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  1. Oh my God! Purba this is absolutely gorgeous dear :D Especially love "Once she revels in the cup of nostalgia, nothing seems subtle and distant." Beautifully penned! Thank you so much for participating, have a lovely week ahead :D

    Lots of love,

  2. I like the opening...sitting by the window with a cup of nostalgia... Nicely done!!

  3. wonderful title and especially like 'She has learned to find
    His esoteric presence in his absence' - heartbreaking lines of an eternal separation

  4. How we cling onto fragments of our loved ones. A beautiful, touching an well written piece Purba.

  5. I love this daydream over the cup of wistful and hopeful - She closes her eyes
    To feel the softness of roses - always a beautiful thing :)

  6. I think with a warm cup in your hand it's easy to get caught in reverie

  7. I love the idea of a cup of nostalgia. A beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it.

  8. Very touching. Sounds as if it was a very meaningful relationship....soulmates are indeed hard to find. Such intense sadness when she reads his last letter...but at least she has something to hold onto.

  9. I too was reveling in her cup of nostalgia...what a wonderful phrase! And each line spoke of it especially at the end...

    'Time stays, people go
    Soulmates are never apart
    Be it death or worldly separation.'

    This itself is a perfect poem!

  10. It's really beautiful. Beautiful in sense, it has everything one feel when she/he gets departed by any mean.

  11. "Soulmates are never apart" I love that line...and that idea. Beautifully written.

  12. This is indeed very beautiful!!

  13. very beautiful purba !
    Nostalgia is my fav emotion.
    love it.

  14. Beautifully written. Nostalgia with a feeling of content and joy along with a sadness; it's not a simple job to express all that up in a few sentences. Well done!

  15. ah! nostalgia strikes... as beautiful as you my dear :-) <3

  16. Such evocative feeling you pen!

  17. This is so poignant! Loved the phrase "His esoteric presence in his absence". :)

  18. Loved all of this, especially the ending. Your poem evokes such sadness. We have all missed someone, lost someone. Beautiful write!

  19. beautifully woven the last few lines had me in goosebumps

  20. Loved it. Actually the beginning is simply awesome. I imagined myself there.

  21. How I love this poem, the line 'Voices and laughter become audible' means so much for me, very resonates. I also like to read oldies and look at the old photos... ~ enjoyed greatly!

  22. .Beautifully expressed sadness !

  23. Beautifully sad, such aching longing


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