Wednesday 30 December 2015

Top 10 posts of Love, Laugh and Reflect in 2015!

This year has been a very beautiful year in terms of blogging and writing. Although juggling 2 blogs Love, Laugh and Reflect and Purba's Library becomes a bit tedious at times, I have tried my level best to do so. I made so many wonderful friends this year through blogging and learned a lot. I also attended my first Blogger's meet and won a handful of blogging contests this year. Overall, it's been a very rewarding year.

So today when it's just a few hours from stepping into the new year, I thought to pause a bit, rewind back and cherish my favorite 10 posts of Love, Laugh and Reflect. 

1. A stranger's love letter! ~ Fiction

A short story that I wrote in February, 2015. I thought a few times to write the second part, but ultimately discarded the idea.

Natasha buys a second-hand book "Love Poems by Pablo Neruda" to pass the time in a train journey. As she turns the pages of the book, a letter escapes from between. The letter starts with the words "My Natasha"

2. Soulmates and Twinflames ~ Non-Fiction

This is another post that I wrote in February, 2015 and it is one of the most popular and widely read posts of this blog.

I have expressed my own understanding of the term "soul mates" and "twin flames" in this post. According to me, I am a soul with a body. I am a spiritual being having a human existence. Whenever I feel a strong connection with someone, I understand that this person is my soul companion, someone who was with me in another lifetime. 

This is a short story that I wrote in April, 2015. 

A blind girl asks her father if he is afraid of darkness. When her father explains her what darkness is, she exclaims that she knows the difference between light and darkness, despite being blind. 

“Darkness is fear. Darkness is anger. Darkness is jealousy. Darkness is hatred. Indeed, darkness cripples us and makes us helpless.
Light is love. Light is kindness. Light is peace. Light is friendship. Light soothes us and gives us assurance.” Mishti said with a peaceful smile.

This is one of the most special posts that is very close to my heart. I wrote it in May, 2015.

This post comprises some of the most beautiful memories that I have with my she taught me music, introduced me to the world of books and had been my cheerleader throughout. I have also included the two special poems that I have written for her.

5. The lady at the bus stop ~ Fiction

A short story that I wrote in May, 2015. It also later got published in the September issue of Writer's Ezine.

Rajeev meets a mysterious lady, Meera at the bus stop on one rainy and stormy night. She looks at him intently, as if she knows him for years. As Rajeev goes to buy a cup of tea for her from the nearby shop, she leaves the bus stop, keeping a note that makes Rajeev speechless.

6. Dear Kalimpong, I heart you ~ Non Fiction

I wrote this travel post in June, 2015. This is an account of my wonderful summer vacation in Kalimpong, a remote hill station of West Bengal this year.

I fulfilled my wish of Paragliding and had a wonderful time in this town. The best thing is that this is the place that I have chosen for the backdrop of my 3rd novel which I have completed writing this year. (Yet to finalize a publisher, though!)

A poem that I wrote in August 2015 for the Poets United Midweek Motif: Beauty.

I tried to express the beauty in both meeting and separation through this poem.             
                                      "Beauty was a mystifying term
Until you walked into my life;

Amidst the arena of mist and fog

I saw a canopy of ambrosial sunshine."

I wrote this post on the death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore this year.

Rabindranath Tagore is not only my favorite author and poet, but he is also someone whose writings and songs have influenced me since childhood. This post is a small tribute to Tagore for being the huge influence in my life.

I wrote this poem in October, 2015 and it got published later in the December Issue of Writer's Ezine. This post is very special to me because many people told me that they got motivated to keep faith in Time after reading the poem.

"Let the positive energy flow into your heart
Drop the baggage that robs you off life,
You are stronger than your wounds
Your life is much larger than your pain.
Have faith in the greatest healer, Time"

10. Sunshine in December ~ Poetry

This is the last poem that I have written this year. 

When love is there in life, we can see sunshine in December too. No month or day can be so frozen and chilly if we have the warmth of love in our hearts.

"She digs out the box of memories
Wears the cloak of thoughts
Now, she can see sunshine in December
A thousand sun rays illuminated her snowy heart"

Thanks to all my lovely readers and fellow bloggers for being with me in this year. 

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2016! 

Stay Blessed! Keep shining!

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  1. I've been through some of these posts - amazing work from you! Have a blessed New Year :)

  2. They are all beautiful writing. Happy New Year, Purba. :)

  3. Beautiful work!..Keep writing such beautiful poems! wishing you many more successful years ahead! Happy New Year :)

  4. Mera wala missing hai, "The gurgling river." :D

    May new year brings truce, calmness and bliss in your life! :)

  5. I have checked most of them during the year and recent favorite is 'SunShine in December'.

    Nicely compiled list. Wish you a very Happy New Year !

  6. All your writings are extremely beautiful. Wish you a very happy, fruitful and amazing new year. Hugs! :)

  7. A beautiful list Purba.. some I have read while others were missed when I was on a break from blogging! But, not anymore :)
    Wishing you a wonderful new year loaded with love, laughter and compassion and success!

  8. A lovely collection, wish you a very happy 2016.

  9. A wonderful list Purba. Loved most of them that gave me a blissful read. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 2016. God bless! :)

  10. Beautiful posts.Keep sharing
    Best wishes, Happy New Year 2016

  11. Very nice and interesting posts.

  12. I remember most of these posts :D
    Happy New Year, Purba; God bless :)

  13. Thank you for taking us on a tour of the 2015 posts.Iwas able to go & read a couple I had missed like "The lady at the Bus stop"which is lovely...

  14. I joined blogging in last months of 2015. It's great to get your top posts in just post.:)

  15. Hi, I read your blog daily. Your writing style
    is awesome, keep it up!


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