Thursday 3 December 2015

Source of Vitality

Life has its set pattern;
Bright, then gloomy
Achromatic, then colorful
Even in those ashen days,
There is vitality somewhere
We need to discover the source.

For me, it is the addictive smell of books
The gorgeous sight of my home library.
The stories take me away on a vacation
They dilute every dreariness
And revitalize me, 
Bringing promise and hope.
I get enriched with inspiration
To be a great story teller some day;
My soul brims with love
I bask in the beauty of life.

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  1. The earliest travels I ever took were through books! How excellent to read about this source in your poem.

  2. Beautiful..........!!
    I love the tenderness with which you pen your words :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Oh yes, being in the midst of books can be energizing indeed. (Whether at home or in a library) There is definitely promise and hope within their covers, waiting for us to discover and enjoy.

  4. Lovely indeed, your delight in reading

    much love...

  5. Books can take you anywhere....
    they are best companions.. :)
    Well written.

  6. Books are the best friends. they never betray. They are treasures...

  7. You are right Purba.. My daughter too who is a dedicated Teacher holds a big Almirah of books and incessantly reads in and out the various categories of books.. Reading habit makes a person truly complete by himself/herself.. Nice Write-up!

  8. Books take us on journeys, help us explore, inspire and enrich us............your poem says it so well.

  9. Superb and sweet. :)
    Very inspiring Purba.

  10. It seems like poem is telling my story. Beautifully penned, Purba :)

  11. "For me, it is the addictive smell of books"...for me too :)

  12. The vital part of our education is in discovering and what better way than doing that through books. Wherever you are you can be on an adventure and learning something at the same time. How apt your post is.

  13. Beautifully written. Books are definitely addictive, no doubt about that.

  14. Every book lover's dream! Very beautifully penned!!

  15. So agree... Books show us the world we physically cannot visit :)

  16. There's an ounce of energy in everything. And you are right when you say, we need to look for it. Those books are your bestriends, Purba.

  17. Yes you do - and you convey it beautifully here...strange..earlier today i was thinking of the wonder of libraries and picking a random book from the shelf and finding something new...that is indeed gorgeous!

  18. You are a great story teller. Loved the poem, I agree in the contrast and everything grey, books and the passion of writing can make us cheerful.

  19. This is both soothing and energetic. Happy poem!

  20. "Even in those ashen days,
    There is vitality somewhere"

    I completely agree. Everything--even weakness and gloom--is made out of some sort of energy. We need to search, like your poem suggests, until we find a way to morph the "source" into something desirable.

  21. Finding the time to curl up with a good book, you can never go wrong.

  22. Soul-stirring it is dear..and I loved how you ended it with alliterations "I bask in the beauty of life." Very beautifully penned. :)

  23. As a bibliophile I can appreciate doubly your poem! Well said!


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