Thursday, 10 December 2015

Colors: Key to the Book of Memories

Colors of love are bountiful
They don't fade away.
Rather, with the passage of time
They become the key to our book of memories.

The silver glimmer of his eyes
When he proposed her decades back;
She finds it in the shimmering stars today
The color opens her book of memories.

The delicate pink of her cheeks
When she shyly read his first love letter to her;
He finds it in the twilight sky today
The color opens his book of memories.

With every single color,
An enamored memory is associated.
Be it her black kohl-lined eyes,
Or the lilac shirt she gifted him;
There is a story that every color whisper
To the people who are in love
Year after year.

The same colors reflect in other objects
Be it in the black, monsoon clouds
Sheathing the pretty moon,
Or in the blooming of flowers
On a bright, spring morning.
The colors tug at our heart strings
Opening the book of our memories.

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  1. Beautiful! Indeed colors can be associated with the sweetest of memories :D
    Well penned :D

    Lots of love,

  2. It seems the message of your poem is that colors are often brighter when one feels the love....when one is surrounded by love. Beautiful message in your words.

  3. Very fine--the key, the button that opens living memories and even builds more for people continuing their love. This image particularly hit me:
    "Be it in the black, monsoon clouds
    Sheathing the pretty moon . . ."
    Because even in the hard times, we know what is truly inside.

  4. Love enhances everything. The world preceived in colour rather than grey. Beautiful poem.

  5. Rightly said Purba..Our mind and the Nature around forever go together and in that process, the hues of Nature have a deep impact on our feelings.. A similar Write-up if not exact of mine reflects this ref:

  6. How right you are Purba. How easy it is to remember someone by the effect the colour of their eyes had on us or their warm brown skin, the soft pink of their lips or their shining jet back hair. What a great poem.

  7. Beautiful colours in this poem - I pictured all of the wonderful images! Well done.

  8. ive never read something so beautiful on colour Purba... tis wonderful :-)

  9. Lovely poem on colors. I too love colors... so much that I could never do B&W photography well.

  10. Nice, touching poem. Colors and memories goes hand in hand

  11. Oh! Yes, colours are so much associated with our memories...they fill up the otherwise blank mind...:-) Great poem, dear... :-)

  12. aw...every color has a story of beautiful way of looking at hidden in the "black kohl-lined eyes" has such a romantic has the power to even uplift the dark...lovely Purba...

  13. The vivid hues are attributed to multitudinous memories. You have brought out the essence of the poem so beautifully dear. Very nicely penned, especially I loved "The colors tug at our heart strings" :)

  14. Beautiful poem, Purba. Liked the rainbow trip across the memory lane of love. :)

  15. Beautiful indeed, colors make life so much more enriching.

  16. A book of colour - the idea alone filled me with colour and joy

  17. i love the freshness and youthful take of colors. interesting how colors in a young persons memories are brilliant and unfaded. it's not that they are better but not grayed by the dust of life

    wonderful reflecion, gracias

  18. Adore these lines: 'There is a story that every color whisper
    To the people who are in love' ~ also I like that 'colors of love' 'become the key to our book of memories' ~ what a bright poem!

  19. Beautifully penned! Colours enhance everything... They make memories! :)

  20. Very colorful, beautifully represented.

  21. Love the vibe of this poem. How beautifully you have said associated colors, love, memories and all pretty things of life.


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