Monday, 30 November 2015

5 ways to keep the skin of your baby soft and safe

Whenever I go to my cousin’s house, time just flies away with my little niece. Babies are beautiful angels and mood healers. Even if your mood is bitter by any turn of event, spending a few minutes with a baby can be therapeutic. You get instantly wrapped in an ambiance of love, joy and warmth.

The little angels who fill our lives with such pure and divine love need adequate care. The skin of babies is so delicate that they are extremely susceptible to rashes and infection. Therefore, we need to follow some simple ways to keep babies’ skin soft and safe. Here are 5 ways by which you can keep the skin of your baby soft and safe:

     Protect your angel from the sun: The skin of your angel is very soft and delicate. Therefore, you should protect your angel from the harsh sun. You should always use an umbrella when you are taking your angel out in the sun. You can also use a sunscreen lotion for babies on the back of your baby’s hands and on the face, if you cannot keep your baby in the shade. Dress your angel in a hat, sunglasses and long-sleeved clothing when you are taking her out in the sun.

    Give a post-bath massage to your angel: Massages are a great way to keep the skin of your angel soft. So give a massage to your baby after bath. As the skin of your baby stays hydrated after bath, an oil massage will be perfect.

Choose products that have baby friendly ingredients: When you are buying oil, soap, shampoo, etc. for your baby, do not forget to check the ingredients of the products. Avoid products with harsh chemicals such as lanolin and talc as they can irritate the skin of your angel. Choose a gentle detergent for washing the clothes of your baby.

Protect your baby from diaper rash: You need to protect your little angel from the irritation of diaper rash. Change the diapers of your baby every two hours in order to minimize diaper rash. You should choose Pampers Premium Care Pants for your baby as they will be the softest for the skin of your baby.

Choose cotton for your baby: Cotton is definitely the best fabric for your angel. It is both soft and comfortable. Your angel will feel comfortable all day in cotton clothes. It will also prevent the skin of your angel from rashes and infection. 

If you follow these 5 simple tips, then you can surely keep the skin of your baby soft and safe. Create a soft, beautiful and secure ambiance for your angel where there are countless smiles and happiness. 

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