Wednesday 28 October 2015

Some wonderful gift options for men

No occasion is complete without gifts. Whether it is your beloved’s birthday or Valentine’s Day, gifts play a very important role. It is a misconception that only women love gifts. Men also love gifts as much as women do. If you choose the right gift for him, you would surely be able to make him happy. After all, a thoughtful gift carries the secret message: “You are very special to me.”

There are some great gifting options for men, which you must know so that you can surprise him the way he surprises you. Let’s look at some of the wonderful gift options for men:

A classy watch
If you gift him a classy watch that strikes a great balance between brand value and design, he would remember the gesture for a lifetime. Brands such as TAG Heuer, Armani, Gucci, Balmain, Tissot and Raymond Wail have some great watches. 

A classy set of cufflinks
If your man is very fashionable, then you can gift him a classy set of cufflinks. You can choose cufflinks from great brands, but the best option will be to make custom designed cufflinks from a local jeweler.

If you want to gift him something special that would allow him to relax and have great conversations, then you can gift him a bottle of fine scotch whisky. You can bond with him well, while talking about the finer things of life. Black Dog, which is distilled, matured and blended in Scotland is available in four blends, all of which are distinctly flavorful and smooth. This is a great indulgence to be shared on special days. 


A smart briefcase
Most men have adequate clothes and shoes, but you will find them carrying the same worn-out bag to work every day. Therefore, you can gift him a smart briefcase on a special occasion. A smart briefcase from the house of Gucci or Louis Vuitton would surely make him happy.

A signature gift
A signature gift is special. Monogrammed letterheads or personalized note cards are great gift options. However, be careful with the spellings if you decide to give him a signature gift as it will look really awkward if the personalized gift has a misspelling. An elegant pen also makes a great signature gift.

Bow and tie
You can never go wrong if you gift him a bow tie or a necktie. He can use this apparel in a formal occasion that would make him look very smart.

Another wonderful gift option for him is cologne. Most men love to have a great collection of perfume. Go for a clean, classic cologne, if you feel confused.

There are just a few recommendations for you. There are many other gift options for men. You just need to know his choices and preferences to choose the perfect gift for him.

A gift is a very thoughtful gesture and any gesture is worth a thousand words.

Therefore, choose the perfect gift for him, which can draw a smile on his face and add more sparks to your romance.

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Disclaimer: This article is meant for audience above 25 years


  1. Wonderful post dear...I think men woulf definitely like all of them. :-) Now just waiting for some gifts to come my way :P

    1. Thank you so much, Gaurab :)
      Yes, I am sure the special someone of your life would pamper you with such gifts real soon :P

  2. Great tips dear. I'm sure men are deemed to be flattered by your list! :) A very well composed article!

    1. I too feel the same, dear. Everyone loves gifts. after all. he he :D
      Thank you :)

  3. That is a wonderful gift list! Any man will be flattered. :)

  4. My wife was thinking hard what to gift me for the anniversary next month. Sending her this link ;)

  5. I struggle each time I have to gift my husband anything. I guess, as with anyone, it also depends on their personal likes and dislikes but this is a good starting point.

  6. No doubt, men's choices over their gifts are very much limited.. Rightly said, Purba!

  7. Classic Ideas, wonderful list !! Any man would certainly be flattered with these gifts coming his way.

  8. All decent ideas and yet gifting women is so much easier.

  9. Wonderful options...a cologne would be perfect for me!

  10. Nice gifts. Lucky is the man who receives all this free :)

  11. Wonderful gift options. Very well written post. ☺


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