Sunday, 13 September 2015

A lovely evening at the #BergerXp Indiblogger Meet

I used to really get upset whenever I saw my blogger friends from Delhi and Mumbai having a gala time in the Indiblogger meets. But finally a ray of happiness hit my life when I saw about the Berger Express Painting Indiblogger Meet that's going to take place in Kolkata on 12th September. 

So, yesterday was the big day. Although I have been blogging regularly from mid 2014, it was my first Indiblogger Meet. The experience was amazing and I am still brimming with happiness, recollecting the memories of yesterday.

 Just the beginning!

As I reached the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata, I met a very dear blogger friend, Maniparna whose blog Scattered Thoughts has always been a great inspiration for me. We regularly follow each other's blog and therefore, it was great meeting her in person. She recognized me instantly and made me feel like her sister. We connected really well and here is a selfie that we took before entering the Ball Room for the event.

 Maniparna and me

I also met and connected with many more blogger friends, one of them was coincidentally, my classmate from school, Kirti. It was really nice to meet her after 7 years. There were some bloggers who recognized me through my blog and there were some bloggers whom I recognized through their blogs. Overall, it was great to meet so many talented bloggers. I wish I could click selfies with all of them.

Somorita, Kirti and me

There was also a vibrant photo studio where we posed for pictures and we got the photographs before leaving the venue.

 Posing with our best smile :)

Finally, it was time to enter the beautiful Ball Room of the Oberoi Grand, Kolkata for the event. As we entered the room, we were totally enthralled to see the ball room embellished beautifully. We could see our tweets in the large screen. 

The beautiful ball room

The event started on an energetic note as Anoop made all of us sing.We completely enjoyed starting the event with rock music and shouting Yeah Yeah Yeah! 

It was followed by a wonderful interactive session where the bloggers introduced themselves, shared their blogging stories and gave some blogging tips. I really enjoyed this part of the event the most as I got to learn so many things and I was inspired to the core. 

There were bloggers who were as young as 16 and 19 years old, but so full of spark and confidence. It was amazing to hear them speak. I didn't even discover my writing skills completely at this age, and these bloggers are so focused at such a young age.

It was amazing to hear all the bloggers speak. Each of them had a different yet interesting blogging story. It was extremely inspiring to hear veteran blogger, writer and photographer Rangan Dutta speak.

The blogging tips shared by the bloggers were really amazing. There was a blogger who said that it is extremely needed to market and promote your blog in the right way. There was another blogger who said to keep the posts short and crisp, so that you can grab the attention of your readers. Someone said that it is necessary to have an individuality so that the readers find your blog interesting and different from others.

Talking about my blog

When I got a chance to introduce myself and my blog, I felt really happy to share about how I became a blogger after being an author. I talked about how my blog helped me to discover another facet of mine. My blog reinstalled my passion for poetry, as I was only into writing full fledged novels earlier. Now I write everything from micro fiction to poetry to novels and that's because of my blog.

After the amazing fun and interactive session, Berger showed us a wonderful presentation of their Express Painting which is faster, cleaner, better. There are some great tools such as Sander, Mixer, Paint Sprayer etc. which can make the process of painting so much hassle free and better.

After their presentation, they divided us into ten teams for some fun activities. There were two activities: one was sanding in the shortest time possible and the other was painting a social cause within thirty minutes. I was a part of Team Flash and all the members of my team, Kirti, Shruti, Sneha, Dev were so enthusiastic. 

Our team gearing up for sanding

For the painting round, we chose the message "Love is the color of the world". When all the colors of the rainbow come together, we get a single white color. Similarly, when there will be no differences among people on the basis of caste, creed, sexual orientation and religion, the world will be painted with the color of love and it will be a happy world. People should be given the right to choose their partner irrespective of any social dogmas. 

The painting done by our team

Team Calcutta Palette bagged the winning prize. They depicted the social cause : Female Foeticide. All the teams came up with wonderful paintings and overall it was an enriching and fun experience.

Finally, a grand buffet was served and we were given goodie bags from Berger. 

The goodie bag!

I would really like to thank Berger and Indiblogger for gifting us this lovely evening. I hope we have many more such amazing Indiblogger meets in Kolkata in the forthcoming days.

The group pic


  1. Excellent post Purba :)
    Thank you for sharing your experience with those amazing pictures of Indiblogger meetup. :):)

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  3. Congratulations on ur website and this indi MEET seems like so much fun.

  4. I was so very happy meeting you, Purba. I immensely enjoyed reading your book "Hidden Letters" and hence it was really a treat for me to meet you in person. :-)

    Enjoyed every moment of the fun-filled evening. You have depicted the event so beautifully... :-)

    1. Same here, dear. It was such an awesome evening. Hope to have a great time with you again, in the next meet.
      Thank you so much for the lovely words :)

  5. Missed the event, missed you...the way you have explained the whole meet, I feel I was already there. Great to see kolkata host a Indimeet. :-) :D

    1. Missed you too!
      Yes, finally a meet at Kolkata. I used to feel really jealous each time I used to see you having a gala time in the Delhi meets. Hope to attend a meet together, soon :)

  6. Thanks a lot for your post, Awesome

  7. A nice writeup on the entire evening!! It was truly a wonderful moment with passionate & talented bloggers like you!! Learnt a lot & had a bag full of inspiration as a takeaway!! :-)

    1. Same here, Dev. It was a wonderful, enriching evening with all you lovely people :)

  8. Wow! that was fantastic!! :D
    I loved the social message you all conveyed through painting. I am still waiting for a chance to attend an indi event :)

    1. Thank you so much, Simran. Hope we can meet an Indimeet together, someday :)

  9. I'm glad that we met :) you described the event so well!!

    1. Same here, Somorita. It was a pleasure meeting you :)

  10. Awesome ! This post me visualize everything you narrated :D really liked the painting and the message :) i'm still waiting to meet you ^_^ keep shining <3


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