Sunday, 30 August 2015

No more food blunders. Thanks TinyOwl!

When the same kind of incident starts happening to you again and again, you are stereotyped and given an annoying name. And that’s an awful feeling, especially when you are called something which is really irksome.

Take my life, for example. Whenever I plan to take my family for a grand dinner or lunch on a special occasion, dear destiny turns no stone unturned to make it a grand blooper making me all fidgety and stressed to fix the problem. As my plan gets spoiled and ruined every time, I look at the sky helplessly and yell "Why me?" The feeling is so frustrating! 


Be it Durga Puja, Christmas or birthdays, I always end up in an embarrassing situation whenever I take my family out for a meal and then I try hard to make amends. Fixing food problems at the last moment, sometimes by buying road side chowmein or other times by just preparing Maggi (when it was available, of course) has become my trademark instead of people complimenting me about how good the treat was. This is the reason why I am named “Miss Food fix” (not in a good way, of course!)

In fact, my granny loves calling me by this name after a series of food bloopers. I don’t blame her though. Here’s what she said, a few months back, when I told her that I want to take her out for a lovely dinner.

Me (with a cheerful grin): Granny, a wonderful new restaurant has opened. I want to give all of you a treat as my new anthology of poems have released.

Granny ( with a sarcastic smile): Oh dear, why don’t you rather cook something great for all of us?

Me (with a frown): You know it well how I hate cooking. I would rather do something more interesting during that time.

Granny: My little Miss Food Fix, you need to love cooking, else you have to keep fixing things at the eleventh hour.

Me (with a huge frown): Oh granny, stop calling me this. I agree that twice, okay thrice, things went wrong, but that doesn’t mean it will happen again.

Granny smiled and then tried hard to suppress her smile, after looking at my pitiful face. 

Now, I am sure all of you must have understood what I have to face whenever I tell my family excitedly that I will take them out for dinner. Let me share one of the blooper stories that led me to a food fix.

It was the occasion of Holi and therefore, I wanted to take my family and cousins for a sumptuous dinner. We went out of the house at 8pm and when we reached the particular place, we saw that all the restaurants were already filled and buzzing with people. There was not a single vacant seat inside and we were told to wait outside each and every restaurant. Seeing no way out, we waited outside a restaurant for about an hour and then we finally got a seat.

Being a Biriyani lover, I ordered Biriyani for all of us, but the waiter said that Biriyani was not available. Then I ordered Peas Pulao and even that was not available. With an unwilling heart, we settled for vegetable fried rice and chilli paneer. The food did not arrive, even after 45 minutes and on asking the waiter, he said that it is getting prepared. Finally the food arrived and it tasted so horrible that I don't even want to recall the taste. My Dad tried to eat some of it but my granny and cousins did not eat more than 2 spoons. The fried rice tasted like ordinary rice and the paneer tasted too bad. An abominable smell of garlic hit our nose as we had it. It was horrible.   

We left the restaurant with a look of disgust. It was 11 pm in the night and all of us were having terrible hunger pangs. 


I felt guilty and helpless. I hit my forehead with my hand dramatically, but that did not result in anything miraculous. I kept on mumbling sorry and then remembered about the roadside chowmein which would surely be available at that particular hour of the night.

The chowmein tasted at least better than the fried rice and chilli paneer. I apologized to everyone and all of them said it was okay. Yes, it definitely was okay, but I was stereotyped Miss Food Fix when this kind of thing happened thrice. In all the 3 times, I had to do some last minute arrangement which was not at all good or even a little closer to what I planned.

Recently, I was sharing my sad story with a friend, when she suggested me to try the App called TinyOwl. I guffawed at first hearing its name, but when I tried the App, I was happy beyond limits. It was so awesome that after ordering food for the first time from this App, I was screaming "Yay!". Finally, I got a solution to my problem. 


Tiny Owl is a great food ordering App that helps me to treat my family with a grand dinner or lunch at home itself on the special occasions and festivals. On festive days, most Restaurants and malls are always occupied and I really don’t want to land up in a food blunder anymore.

The TinyOwl App lets me enjoy great food at home and I don’t even require cooking. This App is the smartest, coolest and the fastest way to order food. From Donut to Dosa to Paratha to Pasta, you can get anything delivered to your home by ordering food through the Tiny Owl App. The App can easily detect your location and choose the best restaurants for you. It is available in both android and iOS.

The App also stores all your previous orders. If you are not aware of the new restaurants near your area, this App will give you great recommendations too.

This App has made my life easy and has helped me to get rid of the Miss Food Fix title as I don't have to fix food blunders anymore.  Thanks to TinyOwl!

I was sad, wallowing in self-pity
All my plans get spoiled and gritty.
Whenever I plan a family dinner,
I end up in some embarrassing blooper.
I hate being called “Miss Food Fix”
Don’t want to take any more risk.
All I want is delicious and mouth-watering food
Now please for heaven’s sake, don’t tell me to cook!
Pizza, Burger, Biriyani and Calzone
I want these from restaurants reputed and well-known.

One such bad day, I came across you
The cute little fellow in yellow
You introduced yourself as TinyOwl
And asked,“Can I mend your mood that seems so foul?”
I shared with you all my agonies pent up.
You smiled and just showed me the App
No blunder anymore, I just scream "Yay"
Now good food is just a few clicks away
Family is happy and my life is set
Oh TinyOwl, you are so cool and great!

Do check out the amazing TinyOwl App that is available in Android and iOS


  1. Everyone can easily connect with the points you have mentioned. The app really looks like a saviour. I think I will definitely use this app. The poem in the end is really nice. :-)

    1. That's great. Do let me know your experience with the App.
      And thank you :)

  2. It is good to have access to such web-site. It enhances creativity too. Nice lines Purba!


  3. Waiting for hours in the queue outside restaurants is indeed pathetic especially when you have the sole responsibility to treat your family. :/ This is one such engaging post dear that is brimming with creativity. Be it the convo with your Grandma or the beautifully weaved poem, this one is worth heaps of accolades. Love the way you've put it and I really don't know what all to mention and what to leave as each and every aspect of this article is a sure-shot stunner. All the very best to you dear and my warmest wishes with you always.

    1. So true, Maitreni. I am like really fed up with this thing. Such food ordering Apps are a blessing in such scenarios.
      Thank you so much dear for your lovely, encouraging words. They always draw a big smile on my face and means a lot to me. I am so glad that you liked the post. Yay :)

  4. A nice story and a unique experience.. Interesting, Purba!

    1. Thank you, Sir. Glad you found it interesting :)

  5. hahahah.....i had a feeling oh no not again...well app hai toh kya gap hai lol...loved the poetic take :)

  6. Awesome write Purba! Congratulations on the mega win! Your post won you a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge :)

    1. Thank you so much, Amreen for giving me this wonderful piece of news. Many congrats to you too dear :)

  7. Purba really enjoyed the tale .....I am terrible with food and so could absolutely relate

  8. I've gone through the post for the second time Purba,and must say, it's a sure short winning thing. What an enjoyable read it is ! Your food-fix story tickles the funny bones and the animated GIF images add to the cherry on the cake. And who can skip mentioning the cute poem ! All are combined in such a manner that post has become a joy-ride.
    Well deserved entry dear. I'm so happy for you. Many-many congratulations once again. :) <3


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