Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC Browser for Cricket Fanatics

In the month of July which is the birthday month of two of the best Indian cricket captains, MS Dhoni and Saurav Ganguly, all I can think is cricket and only cricket. Well, what else can you expect from a cricket fanatic like me?

I remember I had my graduation final year’s exams during the World Cup, 2011 and yet my mind was all absorbed in the cricket field. I can clearly remember how I used to plead my father to let me watch the matches. After a lot of pleading, I was allowed to watch only the batting of Team India.

Thankfully, I was allowed to watch the Final match of India vs. Sri Lanka after a lot of pleading. But when Sri Lanka gave a huge target to India and India was losing its important wickets in the initial few over, Dad sternly said that I should better study without wasting my time on this. Heartbroken, I opened my notes and kept my ears glued to the radio live score update until the tables turned. Chances of India’s win increased with every over and that winning six of M S Dhoni…who can forget it? Right! So many memories wrapped up with the little word “cricket”.

Students and job holders often find it tough to stay tuned to the cricket matches which continue for an entire day. Their only hope seems to be the radio, but now, there is wonderful good news for all the cricket fanatics like me. UC browser had especially taken care of the sentiments of cricket lovers in India and created the UC cricket. Hang on! Don’t get confused. I am here to explain it all.

UC Browser is a very fast browser which can help you to surf anything, anywhere at a great speed. It is easy to use and it is really fast. With seamless transitions, this browser makes surfing a pleasant experience for all. However, the best thing about UC browser is that it features UC Cricket which is an exclusive space created for the cricket lovers. UC cricket can connect cricket lovers to the ongoing matches, anytime anywhere. Isn’t it cool?

Now, you don’t have to stress about your college classes or work hours when an interesting match is going on. You can enjoy the match easily, without any hassle, escaping the eyes of people. If you have exams and you are stressing about how to convince your parents, do not worry. You just need to download the UC browser on your phone and head to UC cricket.

It’s true that cricket tempts us like nothing else. It tempts us to skip work, bunk classes, cancel family functions and even postpone a date. But now with the help of UC cricket, you can stay tuned to your favorite cricket match always. Thus, you won't miss out the important things of your life such as classes, functions, dates and yet you can stay tuned to the cricket matches. With UC cricket, you can create the perfect balance in your life. Therefore, no worries, only smiles for all the cricket lovers out there!

For more information on the same, visit You can also check the video below: 


  1. Well, UC Browser is great on Androids, but disaster on Windows. I like the attitude, "I am here to explain it all." All the best, Purba! :)

    1. Thanks Ravish. Many apps and browsers don't run well on Windows :\


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