Saturday 4 July 2015

Sunshine Award and Some facts about me

I have been nominated yesterday for the Sunshine Blogger Award by one of my dear blogger friends, Deeshani. First of all, thank you so much Deeshani for the nomination. I am truly honored.

Do check out her blog for some beautiful poems and thoughtful articles that will surely impress you to the core. So, now Deeshani has asked me a couple of interesting questions that I would be answering in this post.

1. Tell me about your proudest achievement.

Ans. Well, my proudest achievement till date is being the author of two books, namely Walking in the streets of love and destiny and The Hidden Letters. Although I know that I have a long way to go and I am not going to rest unless I write at least a 30 books in this lifetime, seeing my books lift up my spirit always. No matter how down or depressed I am, one look at my books and I get all charged up. They are my creation, my babies, my identity. I know that even if I die suddenly, I will live within the pages of my books.

2. How much time do you spend blogging?

Ans. I try to write at least 2-3 posts per week. And I also read the posts of my fellow bloggers whenever I can afford the time to write a new post. So, on an average, I spend 7-8 hours a week in blogging and going through other's blogs.

3. Do you believe in destiny? Why/Why not?

Ans. Oh yes! I totally believe in destiny. Some time, you have to just leave things on destiny. Destiny can surprise you in ways you could have never imagined even in your dream.
       Well, if I consider my life, then destiny has played a major role in shaping things up. I was studying Microbiology Honors in my graduation and thought that I would perhaps be a professor or work in a laboratory. Writing a book was just in my bucket list, the same way snorkeling or paragliding was. I never knew that I would become a writer and that without writing at least a 3K words every day, I can't sleep. 
     After completing my graduation, miracles literally started unfolding in my life. I came across a person, who made me realize my inner calling, that I was born to write. That driving force made me take writing seriously and here I am now, the author of 2 books, working on my next manuscript and also working as a content developer. So yes, I totally believe in destiny. 

4. How do you evaluate success?

Ans. For me, success means being happy with what I am doing in my life and how many lives I can touch through my work. When readers who are absolute strangers send me an email saying that my book(s) made a difference to their lives or they could identify with the happiness/anguish of the protagonist, I consider myself successful. 

5. Have you been an inspiration to someone?

Ans. Yes, many people have told me that I have inspired them in some way or the other. Some aspiring authors have told me that I inspire them to chase their dreams whereas many of my friends have told me that my resilience inspires them. It's always an overwhelming feeling to know that you can inspire lives around you.

6. What is the most difficult part of the writing process, according to you?

Ans. I have a super fast mind which keeps weaving stories, characters and incidents. But, I don't get that much time to put all the stories conjured in my mind on paper. Like, I am working on my 3rd manuscript now, which is a psychological thriller, but my mind has already thought about the plot of the 4th book. So, I have to discipline my mind and tell it to concentrate on the 3rd manuscript.
     So, the most difficult part of writing is self-discipline. As you don't have a boss who will nag you to finish it on time, you have to do it yourself.

7. Tell me about one interesting and one frustrating thing about blogging.

Ans. The most interesting thing is that you can read works of so many people around the globe. It's always a pleasure to find like-minded people whose words resonate with your thoughts.
     The most frustrating thing is the yearning to be regular and yet you cannot always, as you have other work commitments. And not to mention, plagiarism is the most frightening thing in the world of blogging.

8. What's the best thing a blogger can give to his/her readers?

Ans. Great content that is short, crisp and yet thought provoking. Who doesn't like to have a good read after a dull, tiring day? I follow some blogs which I visit regularly just to have a good read for a few minutes.

I really enjoyed answering these questions. Hope you enjoyed reading them too. 


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As per rule, I would like to nominate a few bloggers for the Sunshine Blogging Award. 

1. Sachin  2.Simran  3. Sunaina 

Question to Nominees

1. When did you join the blogging world? Did any incident/person inspire you to do so?

2. What is the best lesson that Life has taught you, till now?

3. What is the role that blogging plays in your life?

4. If you had a time machine, would you prefer revisiting your past or visiting your future? Why?

5. Which is your all time favorite book that you can never get tired of reading?

6. Do you believe in letting go or holding on?

7. Share a hilarious incident of your life.

8. What are your thoughts about my blog?

P.S. Dear nominees, I would be waiting to read your answers, with bated breath. 

Just learnt that one of my favorite bloggers, Shweta has also nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. And now I am grinning from ear to ear. Thanks dear. Do visit her blog without failure and you will surely be enchanted by her words :)

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  1. Whoa! Congratulations on publishing two books and for the Sunshine awards. The answers are swirling around reading and writing. Tells how much you love writing. Atb for the third book..err.. fourth i must say ;) Best Wishes Purba!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and the best wishes :) And yes, I really love writing a lot.

  2. Purba, after reading Ravish's review of your book, I bought it:) Plan to read it in the coming week.

    1. Hey, this is a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much :) Hope you like reading it.

  3. Wow Congrats dear
    Well written post ..

    Summer Shorts

  4. Congrats! Nice answers :)

  5. Congratulations....!!!!
    Good luck and best wishes for your future endeavours..

  6. Congratulations sweetie... happy to know so much more about a fellow Gemini ;-)

  7. hey good to know more about you....And yes, you are a great writer. I am looking forward to your psychological thriller. The Hidden Letters was a wonderful read which hasn't left my mind although I finished reading it long back. Thanks for the nomination and for the questions you have put. Will work on them and publish my post shortly.

    1. Thank you so much Sunaina for always encouraging me through your kind words and genuine appreciation. Means a lot. I am looking forward to read your answers :)

  8. Hearty congratulations Purba... you are going great I must say!
    I would love to read Walking in the streets of love and destiny and The Hidden Letters very soon and many more to come. Your thoughts are in itself inspiration for many. <3
    My heartfelt support & wishes are with you, may your achievements reach the zenith's height. God bless! :)

    1. Thank you so much sweetie for all your wishes. Means a lot. It's so good to hear such wonderful words, from a talented blogger like you. Hugs. God bless you :)

    2. Thanks a ton darling... keep shining throughout your life like the award itself :') <3

  9. Congrats on your award and great to know more about you. :)
    Congrats on your written books. Be proud!

  10. Wow! I absolutely had no idea about your big achievements, would love to read your books.
    And you are indeed a great inspiration for aspiring bloggers. Even I do not belong to this stream but your success motivates me to write even more. Loved your answers and I wish you all the luck to achieve heights of success in this field. :)

    1. Although you have started blogging recently, but I can confidently say that you are an amazing pool of talent. It's always a pleasure to read your poems and articles. Thank you so much dear for the award and all your kind words :)

  11. congratulations for the award... good to know more about you...

  12. It was great reading about you, Purba di :)
    You are indeed an inspiration. Be the same always.

    Thank you so much for the Sunshine honour <3

    1. Thanks darling and you totally deserve it. Waiting to read your answers :)

  13. purba di thank you so much for nomination :) Really enjoyed reading this post. Indeed your blog is one I love so much as i get to learn so much. Here's my post :)

    1. You totally deserve it dear. And I loved reading your answers :)

    2. thank you so much <3 didiii :)

  14. Congratulations Purba for the award, you have a nomination from me too for the same :) nice to know more... Some I already knew :)

  15. Congratulations Purba for the award, you have a nomination from me too for the same :) nice to know more... Some I already knew :)

  16. Many congratulations on your published work! And my best wishes for the future.

  17. Congrats purba and nice answers :)

  18. Congi Purba for the sunshine award !! I enjoyed your answers thoroughly specially the resilience one :)


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