Friday 10 July 2015

Stay fit, Stay healthy with Honey Diet

It is true that we all fall prey to the temptations of junk food, especially in winter. Therefore, when the need to shed those extra pounds knocks at our door, we tend to choose the crash diet instead of adopting a balanced healthy diet. Let us see the difference between a balanced healthy diet and a crash diet.

Balanced healthy diet

A balanced, healthy diet provides us with all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are required to keep our body healthy. Here are some of the most important benefits of a balanced healthy diet:

·        A balanced healthy diet helps us to lose weight in a healthy manner. This diet generally comprises fruits, vegetables, whole grains along with smaller amount of dairy products.
·        A balanced healthy diet boosts our immune system. As a result, we will be less susceptible to diseases and infections.
·        A balanced healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease by keeping the blood pressure in check.
·        A balanced healthy diet also keeps us energetic throughout the day.

Crash Diet

Crash dieting can surely help us to lose weight quickly, but in the process, the overall health of our body gets affected.

·        Since the body doesn’t get the important nutrients in a crash diet, fatigue and weakness occurs frequently. 
·        Crash diets offer temporary results. The moment we would stop the crash diet, the weight loss would make a rebound.
·        Nutritional deficiencies occur in a crash diet as it is not at all a balanced diet. Major important food groups are excluded from the diet which affects the overall health of the body. It results in poor immunity, which can make us susceptible to several illnesses. It also results in depression.
·        Moreover, crash diet cannot be continued for more than a week.

Instead of this dangerous thing called crash diets, switch to Dabur Honey Diet which is a sweeter and a healthier alternative. Honey is a magical creation and its health benefits are plenty.

You should start your day in a healthy way by having a spoon of Dabur Honey along with a glass of warm water. This would help you to lose weight.

Honey is a wonderful source of energy and therefore, starting your day with a spoon of honey will keep you energized throughout the day. The best thing is that now, you can use honey in a variety of food items. You can get plenty of honey recipes such as honey chili cauliflower and honey fruit salad by the famous chef, Vikas Khanna at The food items are both healthy and tasty.

Honey also acts as a great substitute to sugar. Honey would also keep your digestive problems at bay. Honey works as a magical medicine when a person has a throat infection, cough and cold. Lastly, honey is also known to provide beautiful and glowing skin because of its nourishing properties. Now, which woman doesn’t want to have beautiful skin along with shedding those extra pounds?

Therefore, without much delay, embrace the Dabur Honey Diet and gift yourself a healthy body. A healthy body is the foundation of a healthy mind and a healthy life.  


  1. Those recipes are mouth watering yet healthy at the same time. Thank for sharing the information Purba :)

    1. I plan to try out some of the recipes real soon. Thanks dear :)


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