Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Daddy's little girl

(My Dad and me)

Time changes everything, so true is that
But I am still the same Daddy, yours little girl.

With the magic of time, your princess has grown up
From your daughter to your friend and confidante.

Now, one look at you and I instantly decipher your feelings
It’s not easy to fool me now with that ever smiling fa├žade.
There was a time when I just demanded and nagged
Unable to realize the adversities you went through;

You spend sleepless nights during my fever and exams
And I never thanked you even once.

You gave me a rainbow when you were facing a storm
You showered me with roses when you were pierced with thorns.

I was little, unable to comprehend your sacrifices
Just thought you were some super hero who has a solution for every problem.

Today, as I saw you sitting with a weary look
I instantly understood something is so wrong.

I made a cup of ginger tea and offered you with a smile
You grinned cheerfully and said how wonderful I am.

I could see the few tears behind your spectacles
And you broadened your smile to master the art of camouflage.

“Share with me, you will feel better”, I said in a whisper
You looked at me and clutched my hand in silence.

You wondered how your little princess has become so understanding
And I wished to ebb down all your pain, to be your super hero.

As we gazed at each other with emotions playing the trick
I got up and embraced you tightly for a whole one minute.

Your face lit up with love and happiness
Now, you were sure that you can confide in your daughter.

We kept talking endlessly over cups of tea
Our meaningful conversation slowly turned dust to gold. 

Whenever I find my Dad distressed or worried about anything, I keep all my work on hold and try to talk to him. I hug him tightly and assure him that I will try my level best to come up with a nice solution. My dad is still my super hero, but now even I wish to be his super hero along with being his little girl.

This is perhaps the only thing that a father wants from his children: a little time to listen to his problems, insecurities and worries. Do you remember how much we used to crib about our silly problems when we were younger? From a teacher being partial towards her favorite student to a friend having the latest pen which we don’t have, we used to keep cribbing. And he used to patiently listen without any complaints.

And now, when we are independent and well settled in our life, our father needs us to be a patient listener. There can be no better gift that we can give to our father than a tight hug and a healthy conversation.

Hug your Dad today and initiate a conversation with him. His joyful smile will surely warm up your heart. 

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.



  1. Beautifully weaved. Loved the emotions outpouring from each line :)

  2. Full of emotions.. Great job dear :)

  3. heart touching and beautiful, I could feel the beat of each emotion in your words! loved it babe!

  4. Yes, our parents need us but we get so busy with our own life. Your words are full of heart-felt emotions Purba. I am already a big fan of you since the day I started reading your book. You are a great writer.

    1. Aww...thanks for the kind words dear. I am honored. And I love reading you :)

  5. Beautiful, Purba...such heartfelt words...loved the poem... :-) And, are a GREAT writer... :-)

    1. Thank you so much Maniparna. I am truly flattered by your compliment as I love reading you :)

  6. "You gave me a rainbow when you were facing a storm" ...very nicely penned.

  7. Wise, lovely, and simple straight form heart thoughts that connects and hits you home. Thanks to Sunaina for sharing your posts :) Glad to read them!


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