Friday 24 April 2015

One Last Time (FPFS ~ Day 5)

“I have thought about it, Aditya. It won’t work anymore.” Neha said over the phone, her own words jabbing her heart. She couldn’t believe that she is talking about a break up, but she wouldn’t have if there was some other way.

The way she and Aditya fought over the last few months was pushing her to the abyss of depression. She had tried every possible thing to avoid those arguments,  but only the Supreme knows, what transpires suddenly that she and Aditya starts behaving like foes, or rather each other’s tormentors. 

“Hmm. Can we meet tomorrow one last time in front of that house, where we met for the first time?” Aditya said after a few seconds.

Neha replied with an affirmation, her heart agonizing with the fact that Aditya didn’t oppose to her decision.

“Hey, listen. When we meet tomorrow, can you give me a small thing?”


“On a piece of paper, just write the 3 things that you dislike about me which led to this break up and the 3 things you liked about me.”

“You write the same for me, then.” Neha said and disconnected the phone.


That night, Neha found herself trapped. She easily wrote the 3 things that she hated about Aditya but when she started writing the things she liked about him, she couldn’t restrict to 3 things…the list continued…and she knew she was in a big trouble when the 3 things enhanced to 10 things. At the end of writing 10 things that she like about Aditya, the bittersweet realization dawned on her.
I still love him. I like him so much. Then, why for the 3 things which I dislike about him, I am heading towards a breakup? Oh, it’s too late now! He too wants the same from me.


Aditya looked somber when he met Neha at their old, nostalgic place. Neha could hardly smile as she regretted her decision badly. They gave each other the piece of paper without uttering a word.

Neha’s heart sank down as she took the piece of paper from Aditya. However, when she started reading it, her eyes widened. She looked at Aditya with a question mark, who by now was smiling at her after reading her list.

“Yes, Neha. Last night, I started writing the things I like about you. The space in the paper finished but my list didn’t. As I wrote, I realized how much I love you. I forgot if there is anything that I dislike in you.”

Neha smiled at that revelation and embraced Aditya. It was exactly her words which he had echoed.

There were some dark clouds that had engulfed their relationship which obstructed them to appreciate each other. Therefore, they focused on the things they disliked about each other rather than the large amount of things they liked about each other.

Both of them were glad that the grey clouds had finally gone away.

I have been tagged by my friend Kiran and my brother Sachin to take part in the Five photos Five stories challenge (FPFS) which is- Post a picture for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it fiction, poem or short write-up. It can be anything to suit your taste.

Finally today I finish my challenge and I tag my friend Simran on Day 5.

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  1. So beautiful. Love the positivity in the story Purba... there is so much to a person that we often ignore.. if only we could see the positive in each person, the world would be a different place! :-)

    1. Exactly, Archana. We should always concentrate on the positives in a person and try to ignore the negatives.
      So glad you liked the story dear :)

  2. What an insight into relationships, nicely put up....and lucid writing. I read your blog for the first time and I feel sorry for not discovering it earlier.

    1. Your comment made my day, Sujla. A very warm welcome to my blog.
      So glad you liked my writing :)

  3. glad neha realized how much she loved Aditya :) as always there is something to learn from your blog :) keep writing :)

  4. That was a deep insight to relationships. We often end up doing such mistakes and lose precious things in life; love!
    I am so glad to see my name there. Thanks for the tag. I will accept it as soon as I finish previous challenge :)

    1. Truly, Simran. We often commit such mistakes and lose precious people from our lives.
      So glad you liked it. And I am looking forward to your FPFS posts :)

  5. Loved the story Purba. Sometimes, we magnify our dislikes so much that we forget our love.

    1. Thank you so much, Kiran.
      Yes, it's true that we end up magnifying the dislikes of the person we love. Hope we focus on the positives always :)

  6. Loved the story Purba. We often end up doing such mistakes and lose precious things in life; love!

    1. Thanks a lot, Kirti. A warm welcome to my blog :)

  7. Ups and downs and turmoils but at the end if one knows where their life will be better nothing like it and so for Neha :) loved it :)

    1. Absolutely. We must know where and with whom we can finally find peace and happiness. Ups and downs are an inevitable part.
      Thank you so much, dear :)


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