Thursday, 30 April 2015

Nature needs you, the way you need Her!

Peep into your soul
See what it desires;
A walk in the woods
Or imprisonment within the four walls;
The feel of moist-laden grass
Or a carpet beneath your feet;
Rain after sweltering heat
Or coolness by an air conditioner.

Whether you admit or not, Nature is the reservoir from where we draw an abundance of happiness and tranquility. Therefore, we choose to have our vacations amidst the hills or in a sea-beach or within lush green meadows. We feel the desire to unwind ourselves from our busy schedule in the lap of nature.
Ironically, it’s again we and our folks who seem so nonchalant about nature being destroyed. Trees are cut and in its place high rise buildings are constructed and we seem so unaffected by it. Be it water or air pollution, we still seem so unaffected. It rains rarely when it is supposed to rain and we face such extreme weather conditions. Yet, we choose to stay ignorant.

Is it ignorance or apathy

That we pollute the air we breathe

Contaminate the water we drink

Kill the healer who soothes?

It’s high time that we realize that we, and only we can make the earth a greener place and save our Mother Nature from being destroyed. It is time to save our healer, our soul soother, our Mother Nature. Nature needs us, the way we need Her.

Here are 20 simple ways by which we can make the Earth a greener place:

·        Paper and plastics must be recycled so that we can reduce waste to some extent. You can learn about local recycling regulations to do this.

·        Instead of paperbacks, prefer to buy eBooks so that you can save paper.

·        When you are going to a grocery store, bring your own bag. Avoid using plastic bags and rather use paper bags as they can be easily recycled.

·        Instead of taking a car always, walk for some time every day.

·        Whenever you leave a room, don’t forget to switch the lights and fan off.

·        Practice gardening. Even if you do not have adequate space, plant a small indoor herb garden.

·        Eat plenty of vegetables. Consider being a vegetarian.

·        When you are not using an appliance or electronic machine, remember to unplug them. Do not put your cell phone in charge overnight. Consider buying energy efficient appliances.

·        Compost organic waste from the kitchen.

·        Use organic cosmetics and beauty products.

·        Do not burn crackers in Diwali or in any other ocassions. Consider celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali.

·        Do not waste water unnecessarily when you are doing the dishes, brushing your teeth or taking a shower. 

·        Always print on both sides of the page. Do not waste paper. Scribble your to-do list and grocery list on your phone. Use technology cleverly.

·        Use rechargeable batteries always.

·        Do not buy food that has excessive packaging.

·        Instead of plastic food containers, use glass containers.

·        Instead of plastic water bottles, use water jugs.

·        Spend time with nature so that you realize its value and protect it with every bone in your body.

·        Buy fresh herbs to make herbal tea for yourself. 

·        When giving a gift to a loved one, skip using wrapping paper and ribbons. Rather, use recycled paper or old magazines. Be a little creative.

As you will put in every little effort to make the world a greener place, you would be able to feel the love of Mother Nature in a more profound way. Be one with Nature and protect it from destruction.

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As the first sunray
Kiss my skin today
With affable tenderness;
I feel I am a young sapling
Or a new born flower bud.
I feel divine grace
Seeping all over my body;
Nothing can be more fulfilling
Than a green world
And every soul on it protecting the earth.

Visit the website: and watch this beautiful song sung by Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band for Earth Day which is celebrated on 22nd April every year. You would surely be inspired to make the world a greener and beautiful place to live in. 
Wake up and act!


  1. Each one of us must implement the above steps in order to save nature ! everytime i see tree uprooted it hurts lot :( informative post !

    1. It hurts me too a lot, Sachin. I cannot pass a single day without being surrounded by a little greenery. Hope people takes gardening seriously :)

  2. An enlightening post. I love those poetic lines :)
    Shared on my page.

    1. Thank you so much, Simran. I loved your post on the same topic :)

  3. Nice 20 points! And beautiful verses :)
    I would say that spending time with nature is needed very often!

    1. Thank you so much, Teny. I totally agree with you. We must spend some time everyday in the lap of nature :)

  4. I loved the starting ,
    Peep into your soul
    See what it desires;

    This is what is required these days, we are ignoring our conscious, our inner voice :(


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