Wednesday 29 April 2015

Love, Laugh and Reflect turns One!

Love, Laugh and Reflect is nothing but an extension of me, my thoughts and my creative world. It is as dear to me as my two books Walking in the streets of love and destiny and The Hidden Letters.
It gives me immense pleasure to realize today that my blog, Love, Laugh and Reflect has completed one year. Such a beautiful one year it was! Happy Birthday to my dearest Love, Laugh and Reflect!

Just like its name, it has made me fall in love with life a little more:

Life is really beautiful. It is up to us to find beauty out of ugliness, peace out of the cauldron and harmony out of disharmony ~ The young girl and her mother

it has made me laugh more heartily: 

Being a deeply spiritual person, I believe that I don’t have a soul; I am a soul which has a body. In every life, I had got many companions. They are my soul companions and whenever I have met an old companion in this life, I have felt a deep connection with him or her.~ Soulmates and Twinflames

and helped me to reflect more about the unravelled mysteries of life:
Sometimes the human mind cannot fathom why some people walk into our lives out of the blue, imprint our lives with deep-seated wisdom and then walk away again into the oblivion. When a person arrives in our life, he must carry a placard with him containing the date when he would leave. Wouldn’t life be free from the unwanted collection of mess then? ~ The thing between simple and complex

I began blogging in the year 2012 in but I was a very occasional blogger, perhaps because I was a little lazy back then. As my urge of creative expression enhanced with every passing day, I decided to start a new journey where I can scribble my daily musings, compose some poetry, capture the stories around me and share some real life anecdotes with the world. And thus, Love, Laugh and Reflect came into existence on 29th April, 2014.

I began the journey of Love, Laugh and Reflect with the poem Kaleidoscope:

In that intense eye lock

Our souls seem to blend;

If eyes could speak

Ours would have sang instead of said.

So transparent is my image

Floating in your twin dreamy pools;

Better than any mirror

Incapable of reflecting my soul.

Love, Laugh and Reflect has given me so much in life. I got the chance to connect with some of the most talented bloggers who have been an inspiration in my writing journey.  I really learnt a lot from Shweta, Maniparna, Gaurab, Archana, Kiran, Saru, Privy, Simran ,Sachin and many others. It has helped me to admire and appreciate life in a better way. The connection with all the fellow bloggers have been hugely enriching.
I also got an outlet to talk about the most personal things of my life that were locked inside the chambers of my heart. I could write without inhibitions how much I miss my mother in my day to day life in My Letters to Ma and about my father who is definitely the best Dad of the world in My Role Model. And as we know, writing is therapeutic and thus, writing about many such personal things made me feel better.

Today, all I feel is a deep sense of gratitude to the universe, my fellow bloggers, my readers, Indiblogger, Blogadda and Blogmint. It’s for all of you that I got one more reason to be happy, to dream and to celebrate in life: Love, Laugh and Reflect :)


  1. congratulations didii <3 keep writing and thanks for the mention :) everytime i read your blog it makes me fall in love with words and writing and ofcourse life :) keep writing :) lots of love <3
    your brother
    sachin ^_^

    1. Aww...thanks a lot Sachin for the kind and generous words. Words like this keep me going and motivated :)

  2. Congrats...and thanks for mentioning my name. It has been nice connecting with you. :-)

  3. Many congratulations Purba :-) good luck and good bless!! Keep writing, smiling and be happy in all that you do :-) lots of love!

  4. Many congratulations Purba :-) good luck and good bless!! Lovely Post......

    1. Thank you so very much, Kirti. God bless you too. Cheers :)

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  6. Happy Birthday to Love, laugh and reflect!
    Congratulations on completing your first milestone :)
    I count "The Hidden Letters" among one of the best reads I have had. It's lately I have started following your blog and I am in love with it . I feel connected :) And yes, It's yet another time you made me happy mentioning my name in such a special post. It means a lot.

    Wish you many many more years of writing.
    Stay smiling. Lots of love!

    1. Thank you so much my dear :)
      I also feel very much connected to your blog and writeups, Simran. It's my pleasure connecting with you and mentioning your name. Cheers and Hugs! Keep smiling :)

  7. Nice that you've completed a year of blogging and are lovin' it.


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