Tuesday 14 April 2015

A Surprise for Dad

It was 12th July, 2014. It was my Mom and Dad’s twenty fifth marriage anniversary. The day is extremely special as well as harrowing for my father and me. We both missed Ma extremely, who has been snatched away from us cruelly 11 years back, by fate.

Every year, Dad and I spend the day talking about Ma. This is how we celebrate the day. However, I had some special plans on the 12th July, 2014 as it was their 25th wedding anniversary. 

I peeped into my Dad’s room to find him gazing at my mother’s picture. No, I won’t let you spend the day with anguish and grief, Papa. 

I went inside the room and wished him a very happy wedding anniversary.

“Come into the living room. I have a surprise for you!” I said to Dad with exhilaration. My father is used to my hyperactive nature and so he followed me to the living room without any further questions.

I switched on the television and the DVD player. The wedding movie of Mom and Dad started playing. 

“From where did you get this old video cassette?” Dad asked eagerly. 

“From the almirah, of course. I just converted the video cassette into a CD so that it can be played easily. And now, no more questions. Let’s enjoy the movie.” I said excitedly.

Both of us watched the movie with sheer attention. Dad’s eyes were transfixed on the movie and whenever his eyes were slightly clammy, I started asking several questions about the day of their wedding which lightened the ambiance. When the movie ended, both Dad and I were contented yet overwhelmed with emotions. It felt like Mom was with us all the while.

“Thanks, dear. This was a wonderful surprise.” Dad said, holding my hand. I was happy to see that this little surprise cheered him up. He could relive all the beautiful moments of the day of his wedding.

“I have one more surprise, Papa. I have written a small poem for this occasion. Should I read it?” I asked.

Dad nodded his head and I started reading the poem that I have especially penned for my Mom and Dad’s 25th Wedding Anniversary.

The most precious gift of Almighty
My Mom and Dad;
The Gods above must be very happy
To make me the princess of your beautiful land.

You both have been the epitome of love,
Sacrifice and Commitment;
I learned from your tenacious bond
Love is indeed stronger than death.

Whenever I miss your physical presence, Mom
All I do is look into Dad’s eyes;
I can always see that love filled promise which he gave you
To raise me up perfectly under the skies.

Within my Dad, I find my Mom
And within both of you
I find the Divine God
Guiding me in life all through.

You both are the world’s best couple
And the most marvelous parents ever;
I wish, whenever I take birth again,
I am born as both of your baby forever.

When I finished reciting the poem, I could see how comforting, happy and peaceful Dad was feeling. The serene smile in his face conveyed it all. He told me in a whisper, “Beautiful!” and embraced me.

 Me and Dad

I felt glad that I could make the day a little special for Dad through a simple gesture by following my heart. We should always follow our heart because a small deed, a small gesture when directed by the heart can create magic in someone’s life as well as in ours.

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  1. all i could say is you are one amazing soul <3 didiii <3 lots of love <3 :')

    1. That's so kind and sweet of you, Sachin. Keep Smiling always :)

  2. very nice post. the poem is lovely. :)

    A Rat's Nibble


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