Thursday 5 March 2015

The two innocent kids in the rain

Sometimes, right at the moment when we feel that we can control our lives, life snatches the control away from our hands. We are yet again reminded that we are mere puppets in the hands of superior powers like Time and Destiny. 

It was a humid and perspiring day in the month of April. I sat in front of my computer with a bleak and dismal face as I read the two emails which I had opened with sheer exhilaration. One rejection email and another email of delay seemed to break my heart brutally. 

For a writer, nothing can be as heartbreaking as a rejection mail from a publisher. I had sent my short story for an anthology contest which was hosted by a top notch publisher of India. I gave my heart and soul penning down the story, but somehow it did not manage to impress the judges. The other mail that hit my inbox was sent by my editor who said that it would take some months more for my book to hit the market. 

Perhaps I wouldn’t have bothered so much if I hadn’t announced it to everyone around me that my book will be released within the next two months. Moreover, the sweltering weather was enhancing my despondency. Despite being a very optimistic person, all my positivity seemed to disappear into nothingness. I tried to concentrate on the articles that were pending, but I suffered badly from lack of concentration.

Right at that moment, I could hear the rumbling of clouds. I looked outside the window when the beautiful breeze caressed my face. As I relished the breeze after the scorching heat, it started raining, delighting me to the core. Rain has always been an element of my motivation. It placates my arid heart always and that day was no different.

Suppressing my mental anguish, I moved towards my terrace. As I stepped into the terrace, the first rain of summer fell on my face. I felt alive with every raindrop that fell on my body. It started raining heavily and I got completely drenched. 

As I was reveling in the moment, I saw two kids who closed their umbrellas and started jumping in the puddles of rainwater. I was delighted by the sight and went near the edge of the terrace to eavesdrop their conversation.

“Mom says not to get drenched in rain. What if I catch a cold?” The girl said to the boy.

“It will be nice only, stupid. You don’t have to go to school for one or two days. And you also don’t need to do the math homework.” The boy said after thinking for a while.

The girl seemed delighted with the boy’s words.

“That’s why we should get drenched so that we can enjoy a lot. And even if we fall sick, we don’t have to do the homework. So, it will be great too.” The boy continued.

The girl clapped her hands and they started playing in the rain with renewed enthusiasm. The rain stopped after a while, making the climate cool and beautiful.

The simple conversation of the two kids taught me a very important lesson. In every negative situation, there is something positive. We just have to search the positive in them and keep ourselves motivated. 

Getting a rejection mail can imply that some better things are waiting for me. Delay in the release of my book can also imply that it’s for my future good. I felt sanguine, calm and wonderful. That day, the rain and the two innocent kids filled my life with a ray of optimism and hope for the future.

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  1. Innocence is such a wonderful thing. Teaches you so many things without you even realizing it. :-)

    1. So true! It makes us realize that we worry so much over petty things without enjoying our life wholeheartedly :)

  2. agree with the quote
    "In every negative situation, there is something positive. We just have to search the positive in them and keep ourselves motivated. "

    thanks for the post :) i'l be always there to read stories you write :)


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