Tuesday 17 March 2015

The 5 top style statements of cricketers in CWC 2015

Earlier, the cricket world cup implied playing and winning for the cricketers by putting all their energy, heart and soul. Hardly, people used to notice what fancy hairstyle or flamboyant stubble the cricketer is flaunting. A cricketer was only judged through and through by his performance. The cricketers also never had a fetish for grabbing all the limelight with their looks. They definitely wanted to grab the limelight earlier but only through runs or wickets.

But this is 2015…and now along with playing good, cricketers are obsessed with looking good as well.
Right before the world cup commences, several cricketers get a new hair cut or a new look. They seem to enjoy startling their fans with their brand new look for the world cup. Isn’t this what actors do before they start shooting for a new movie? Never mind! Style statement is not limited to actors anymore. Cricketers want to look as glamorous as the actors, if not more.
So, let’s look at the 5 cricketers and the style statement that they have made in CWC 2015 which is now a talk of the showbiz.

Virat Kohli: The new hairdo of the Indian vice captain is making girls drool more and more over him. He is sporting the Mohawk hairstyle which was first sported by David Beckham in 2002.  Kolhi looks great with his new hairstyle and when he takes off his helmet, we cannot help our jaws to drop to the ground.

Shakib Al Hasan: This Bangladeshi bowler has also made a unique style statement for the cricket world cup 2015. The faux hawk that he has been sporting looks just perfect on him. This hairstyle is another variant of Mohawk and it makes him look all the more charming and attractive on the field.

Shikhar Dhawan: Shikhar Dhawan has chosen to go a little dramatic with his hairstyle in this cricket world cup. He is sporting a nearly shaved pate that is quite similar to Aamir Khan’s look in Ghajini. He has accompanied it with a thin moustache and a pigtail. When this look is combined with big hits and big scores, we cannot help but whistle.

Dale Steyn: This fast bowler of South Africa loves to experiment with a lot of hairstyles. This cricket world cup, he has chosen to opt for a hairstyle that is quite similar to the Mohawk hairstyle. It has been heard that Steyn’s girlfriend, Jeanne has styled this new look of his. We must admit that he looks really attractive in his new hairstyle.

Daniel Vettori: This cricketer of New Zealand is sporting a growing fuzzy beard in the cricket world cup 2015. Although it cannot be understood if it is a lucky charm beard or a deliberate style statement, all we can say is that he looks charming and quite fashionable sporting the fuzzy beard.

Apart from these 5 cricketers listed in the article, there are many other players such as Andre Russell, Glenn Maxwell and Ravindra Jadeja who have sported unique hair styles and beards in this cricket world cup.

The style statements of cricketers made in the cricket world cup 2015 are influencing youth even more than the style statements of actors around the globe. All we can say is that until and unless the performance of the cricketers are not getting affected, it’s not that bad to make an eye catching style statement.

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  1. You must share it with the cricketers featured here too! They'll like to read about them :)

    1. ha ha :D I would love to share it with Virat Kohli :)

  2. Yeah..they can be termed as Famous Five in fashion... nicely written... :-)

    1. That's a superb term "Famous Five in fashion". Thanks, Maniparna :)

  3. Those are really cool Purba! I really liked Virat's fashion statement, I remember earlier the cricketers would take their helmets off and the hair would be as weird as it could get :) Nice one!

    1. Ha ha :D So true. I remember when Dhoni used to sport long hair, he used to look really funny with that unruffled hair after removing his helmet.
      Thanks, Shweta :)

  4. Wonderful have combined the game of cricket and fashion with such an ease. Cricketers these days even hire stylists I have heard :P

    1. Thank you so much, Gaurab. Yeah it's true almost all of them have stylists, like the actors :P


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