Sunday, 22 March 2015

The 10 things that make me happy always

Happiness is a state of mind. If you try to find happiness around you, you would find countless things to be happy about. It is really quite simple to be happy. You should just have that intense urge to find happiness in the simplest of things.

Here are the 10 things that make me happy always:

1. Books: The smell of books, a visit to a library, book fair or strolling around a book shop can make me feel so happy. In fact, just looking at my bookshelves fill me up with a beautiful joy, especially when I can see my books amidst the several other books in the bookshelf.

2. Music: I cannot survive a day without listening to music. Listening to music calms my restless mind and makes me happy. I love to sing and hearing my own voice also works like a joyful therapy for me.

3. Spending some time with nature: I am a nature lover. Therefore, I have this ritual of spending some time with nature in my terrace every morning or evening. Just looking at the blue sky, the flowers and trees and hearing the chirping of birds keep me grounded and fills me up with optimism.

4. Getting drenched in rain: I love rain and when it rains, especially after days of sweltering heat, I get outside to get drenched in the rain. The drops of rain caressing my face give me a childlike joy. Getting drenched in rain and later, having a cup of hot ginger tea is one of the finest pleasures of life.

5. Spending time with close friends and family: Having a heart-to-heart conversation with a family member or a close friend always rejuvenates me. I really enjoy the time I spend with my family and close friends.

6. Getting a mail from a reader: When I get a mail from a reader who tells me about how he or she could relate to the protagonists of my books, I can’t stop smiling. It makes me feel blessed to be an author. Similarly, reading a good review or a feedback of my book fills me up with happiness.

7. Finishing a story or poem or novel: Whenever I finish writing a story or a poem or a novel, I feel accomplished, content and happier than ever. Especially when I finish writing a 50K word novel, I feel like celebrating my accomplishment with all my close friends and family.

8. Shopping for a loved one: Yes, I definitely love shopping for myself, but when I shop things for Dad and Granny, the joy is immeasurable. Just the way Dad used to pamper me when I was a kid, I feel like pampering him and Granny now by shopping for them. The smile on their face provides happiness and solace to my heart.

9. Eating street food: I love eating street food of Kolkata such as phuchka, jhalmuri, papdi chaat, aloo chaat, kulfi, samosa, jalebi etc. They can instantly change my mood within a second as they are so yummy.

10. Spending time with kids: There are so many sweet and naughty kids in my neighborhood. Talking with them really makes me happy. The tremendous energy they have, the ever smiling faces and the innocence can really work like magic to any stressful mind. 

 Let's resolve to find happiness around us always. We should always say "Hello Happiness!" and welcome joy with open arms. 

Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness: 

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