Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Do what you love!

It was the time when I was doing my three month internship. It was a compulsory thing in my MBA (marketing) curriculum. I was a marketing trainee in Outlook India Publishing which publishes one of the most popular magazines, Outlook India in our country. I had to report to office at 9am and then either attend the subscribers via telephone or go to workshops or visit houses of old subscribers to renew their subscription.  

I liked the ambiance of the office and the amicable demeanor of my boss. Although I started working in Outlook with great enthusiasm, my interest seemed to melt into nothingness within the first 2 weeks.

Yes, I agree I enjoyed meeting and interacting with many people through this work, but I felt I was somewhere, compromising with my potential. I was not living the life I am destined to. I was not doing the work that could give me some job satisfaction.

The Kolkata Book Fair arrived soon and my duty was attending the stall of Outlook in the Book Fair. During that time, my first book was published and my second book was in the pre-production phase. One day, I told my boss if I can go to the neighboring Diamond Books Stall to see my book. He never paid attention earlier that I was an author, but that day, he seemed quite impressed. He told me why I am in the marketing department and that I should rather write articles for Outlook.

I just laughed in response and told him that since I am doing Marketing in MBA, this is the job that would be perfect for me. He shook his head and told me that I should rather do what I love. 

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I contemplated the entire night and asked myself if I would be really happy with such a 9-5 marketing job which is monotonous and which doesn’t give me an iota of job satisfaction.

Whimsically, without saying to anyone, I wrote an article and send it to the editorial department of Outlook. It got approved and published. My happiness knew no bounds. I started sending articles for a few websites and magazines in my spare time, most of which got approved increasing my confidence.

By the time my internship got over in Outlook, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. There was a clear perspective and I was not scared of taking a decision. My decision was to be self-employed. I started working with several clients and companies as a freelance writer and content developer. This step brought a huge and beautiful change in my life.

I started falling in love with my life because I was doing the thing I love. Writing has always given me sheer happiness, be it a short story, poem, novel, travelogue or an article on relationships. Working with different clients on different topics helps me to be versatile and ebbs down all the monotony. 

So, work is always fun and happening as I am working on multiple projects. In the morning, I am perhaps working on some fashion or motivational articles and in the evening, I am editing an eBook. The flexible working hours helps me to pursue my several interests like reading, blogging and singing. At the same time, it gives me time to work on my books, stories and poems. 

So, now the best way I describe myself is: I live to write…I write to live.

#StartANewLife as life is too short to compromise on your ideals, talents or dreams.

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