Friday, 13 February 2015

The Hidden Letters: A short EXTRACT and GIVEAWAY!

From Page 141 of "The Hidden Letters"

Time can be a person's biggest friend and also a person's biggest enemy. When time was ripe, Anaya had everything and now when time was against her, she had to give up her happiness. Time could make a person, it could break a person and most importantly, there was no way to control time. Anaya thought about the bizarre game of time as she stirred sugar in three cups of coffee. She knew this would be the last time she was having morning coffee with her husband and her daughter. Anaya was well aware that Olivia would nag her as she would wake her up early in the morning. However, Anaya went to Olivia's room and pulled the curtains of her room, making the sunrays kiss Olivia in her slumber.
"Mom, let me sleep. I slept at three in the morning."Olivia said pulling the blanket over her eyes.
"Oli, get up baby. Your mom wants to have the morning coffee with you today. Get up, darling." Anaya kept Olivia's head on her lap and caressed Olivia's hair.
"Is there some special ocassion today, Mom?" Olivia said rubbing her eyes. Olivia's words made Anaya smile sadly. Only Anaya knew the reason why this morning was different.
"You ask too many questions, Oli. It's just that your Mom wants to spend some time with you and your Dad. Got it? Now get up and come to the living room fast. I have to wake up your Dad too." Anaya said kissing Olivia's right cheek. 
Anaya went to her bedroom and saw Nishith sleeping peacefully. He did not have any idea how his life would change in a few hours. He did not know that he might be compelled to hate the person he loved the most. Anaya swallowed the lump in her throat as she gazed at Nishith in sleep.
"Goodmorning, Nishith." Anaya said caressing his forehead.
"Anu, why did you take the pain of waking me up?You have been writing the entire night. You need sleep." Nishith said as he opened his eyes.
"Quiet," Anaya said putting her finger on Nishith's lips.
"I hate it when you don't sleep properly, Anu." Nishith said getting up from his bed. 

The above is an extract of my second book "The Hidden Letters" and the lines resonate within me. 
Is it really possible to forgive the person you love if you get to know after several years, that he/she has hidden an integral truth from you?
It is a very special book for me for two reasons. Firstly, the character of the protagonist, Anaya is very dear to my heart and secondly, because of the true love that exists between Nishith and Anaya. For the purpose of Valentine's Day, I thought to conduct a giveaway of this book. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. It will take just a minute. You need to either like my facebook page or follow me on twitter or tweet about the giveaway. For more chances of winning, do all the three things. One winner will get a personalized copy of the book.

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  1. Time also heals the wounds, it imparts. It sounds like an interesting book.

    1. I totally agree, Kiran. Time is a great healer indeed but sometimes, time also plays a great role in scratching up the past wounds :)

  2. The question is not as simple as it depends upon several factors. But, I think, love makes it easier to forgive and forget.... :-)

    1. Absolutely. Well said, dear. Love make it much easier to forgive and forget :)

  3. BTW, Congrats on your second publication... :-)

  4. Can one forgive? Depends upon the person and the reason. But then often time does help heal old wounds.
    Congratulations Purba on your second publication. Looks like an interesting read.

    1. So true, Geeta. It depends hugely on the reason which made the person hide an intergral truth for so many years.
      Thank you so much :)


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