Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sweet Bedtime Rituals For Your Baby

The only reason I make time to visit my cousin’s house amidst my hectic schedule is to spend time with my little niece, Tiya. She is only one year old and spending time with her ebbs down all my stress and anxieties. I tell my cousin sister to just relax on the nights I am at her house. 

Over these days, I have formed some sweet bedtime rituals for my little one, my adorable niece. It is nice to have a particular bedtime ritual for a baby as it makes the baby feel loved, happy and comfortable. It is extremely important to ensure that the little baby gets a good night’s sleep and if we are able to follow a few things, then we can actually gift them a peaceful sleep. I have observed that Tiya loves listening to music. It makes her smile always. Therefore, I have found that mollifying Tia through beautiful lullabies would make her fall fast asleep.

Change the diaper
First of all, I change the diaper of Tiya when it’s time for her sleep. And when it comes to choosing the perfect diaper for my adorable little one, I cannot trust anyone else but Pampers. This is because unlike other diapers, which concentrate only on keeping the baby dry from outside, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants keep the baby dry from inside too. So after changing Tia’s diaper, I am somewhat relaxed that she would have a good night’s sleep. I also ensure that the temperature of the room is moderate. 

A dreamland with lullabies
Now, the trick is in making Tia fall asleep. She is such an active and naughty baby that she would refuse to sleep every night. She will just keep gazing at everything and smile in frequent intervals. If I look into her eyes, she would feel more active and smile constantly. So, I try to avoid eye contact with my little one when it is time for her sleep. I carry her in my arms and take her to the window side. Tia gets a wonderful happiness in gazing at the moon and the stars. The calmness of the moon and the sparkling stars calms her down. So, when Tia is busy looking at the sky, I sing some beautiful lullabies to her. She gets soaked in the music while gazing at the moon and the stars with sheer reverence. Out of all the lullabies I sing for Tia, her favorite seems to be The Moon Lullaby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

Tender swinging motion to fill her eyes with sleep
After a few minutes, I can understand that sleep is slowing grasping Tia. I make her lie in the swinging cradle and then I push the cradle at regular intervals. The soothing music of the lullabies and the gentle swinging motion makes Tia feel secure and sleepy. Slowly, she falls asleep as I keep ogling at her innocent face. Watching my little one fall asleep is the most beautiful thing ever.

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