Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Red Heart

As the last week of January arrives, we can feel that love is in the air. The gift shops, restaurants and malls get embellished for the Valentine’s week and the more specifically for the Valentine’s Day. The red hearts look beautiful all around and it can transcend anyone into a romantic mood, even if the person is a hardcore workaholic. 

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to propose a person you have a crush on. The mood and ambiance of the day makes the setting romantic and ideal. A Valentine’s Day proposal should definitely be thoughtful, creative and romantic. If I am going to propose my crush on the Valentine’s Day, my proposal will surely be crazy and fun-filled which can surprise him and make him blush uncontrollably with happiness. Since I am a little crazy, I would love to see my crush smile and blush with my proposal. (And did I mention: My crush has a dimple too?) So, I would try my best to make him flash his dimple often and go totally pink on Valentine’s Day. Because I believe the more zany the proposal, the more romantic becomes the Valentine’s Day.

Here is what I have thought about surprising my crush on the Valentine’s Day. I would click plenty of pictures of my crush on these days whenever I am hanging around with him. I have to complete my task of clicking the pictures before the Valentine’s Day. I will then make a collage of all his pictures. The collage will be heart-shaped. Then I will print the collage and conceal it with a red heart-shaped paper. I will ensure that the heart-shaped paper will be of the same size of that of the heart-shaped collage. On the top of the red paper, I will write the message: Flip the cover to see how my heart looks like.

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On the day of Valentine’s Day, I will meet him at a coffee shop and will tell him: You wanted to know who I am thinking about these days. Here is your answer. Please don’t get startled. Saying these words, I will hand over him the red heart. His face would be full of doubts and I will carry a serious expression so that I don’t spoil the surprise.

I am sure as and when he will flip the red cover, his face will be full of smiles. I would love to see him mush out completely with the sudden proposal. I won’t let that smile fade and when he will look into my eyes, I will sing a few lines of the romantic song “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden to intensify the romantic ambiance. Since I know that he loves to hear me sing, a romantic song in my voice will complete the proposal beautifully. 

I hope the Valentine’s Day gets special for both me and my crush with this proposal. Can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day!

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