Saturday 31 January 2015

From Pimply to Confident!

The mere mention of the word “Pimple” gives every teenager a mini heart attack. I can clearly remember how miserable I used to feel when I spotted these red eruptions on my cheek, nose or chin after waking up in the morning. It used to spoil the entire day and I don’t know, but how these pimples always chose to appear on days when I required looking good. So many times it has spoiled my birthday just because it wanted to appear on the day when I wanted to look my best.

Let’s look at the story of eighteen year old, Priya alias Pimply. 

Since Priya has oily skin, she gets pimples very often. Despite being beautiful, she can’t go on a date like her friends because the pimples haunt her every time. Finally, she is going for her first date this Sunday. She has checked her face last night and it didn’t show any intimidating pimple. Priya wakes up in the morning with a jubilant mood.

Poor Priya! What she was scared of, exactly that had happened. And this time, she has discovered not one, but 3 pimples. Her reflection in the mirror spoiled her mood completely. She decides that she will have to postpone her date to next Sunday. 

Priya calls Rahul and tells him that due to some family problems, she won’t be able to meet him today.  He understands her inconvenience and agrees to meet her next Sunday. Priya feels happy.

From that moment onwards, she applied plenty of creams and natural remedies on her face, but unfortunately, to no avail. Even after three days, the pimples are languishing on the same place without any signs of abatement. Now, Priya is completely depressed as she can’t find a single ray of hope.

Right at that moment, Priya’s best friend, Rhea pays her a visit. All her friends call her Pimply except Rhea. Priya narrates to Rhea her sad story when Rhea tells her confidently that she has nothing to worry about. When Priya looks at Rhea questioningly, she presents her a Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. Priya takes it obediently without much hope. 

“OMG! This is pure magic”, Priya shouts as she finds out that after 3 days of using Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash, her face doesn’t show any sign of pimples.

Today is Sunday and she is all set to go for the much awaited date of her life. Priya has magically transformed into a confident girl from a nervous Pimply girl. And all thanks to her magic wand~Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash!

Priya is not alone in fighting the pimple problem. All of us have sometimes faced major problems in our life because of the sudden appearance of pimples. The pimples often choose to appear in certain places on the face which looks awful and disgusting such as the middle of the nose, on the forehead and on the cheekbones. 

I remember I once had an awful pimple on my forehead. The pimple lasted for more than a week and it used to shine badly in the sunlight. No concealer or foundation could save me from that pimple. And the worst part of the pimple is that by chance if you prick it, then the pimple will persist longer. During my teenage days, this is one mistake I used to commit every time I had a pimple. I thought I would get rid of the pimple but instead, the pimple lasted for a month more. 

Therefore, it is very much important to wash the face properly thrice a day with a good quality face wash especially during the summer season. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash is definitely the best option here. It is also very important to remove all makeup from the face before sleeping. Many times, we don’t remove the make up from our face and the next morning, we are greeted with pimples. Lastly, it is very important to avoid eating excessive oily food as it also contributes largely to the sudden appearance of pimples. 

Even after the pimples are gone, they leave a mark on the face which looks awful. However, Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash promises that along with pimples, it will also eradicate the unwanted pimple marks. 

Isn’t it really a magic wand for every girl who has to fight the pimple problem like our Pimply alias Priya? For more details, visit and

This post is written for the Garnier Contest of Indiblogger.
P.S. All the sketches that can be seen in this post are made by me.

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  1. Awesome much of hard work you have put into this post. Sketches are wonderful. :-)

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