Friday, 9 January 2015

A fascinating Multi-Drive Car : TATA BOLT

On last Sunday, I went to the South City Mall, Kolkata to check out the latest model of Tata Motors. As I set my eyes on the Tata Bolt, I was totally thrilled and exhilarated. The red color Tata Bolt looked hugely attractive and tantalizing. 

On nearing the car, I could check out all its interesting features and I was totally impressed. The edgy styling and the curvaceous body shape definitely made it look so enticing. 

Here are the 5 features of bolt that I thought were cutting edge and exceptional:

1. The spacious interiors of Tata Bolt: As I stepped into the Tata Bolt, I saw that it is very spacious. The most striking thing about the interiors of Tata Bolt is the totally re-designed dashboard. Tata has paid extreme attention to the fit and finish of switches, knobs and materials. The black color theme of the interior looks plush and sophisticated. The dashboard and the black theme together create a unique European appeal.

2. Touch screen Infotainment: The next feature of Tata Bolt that totally fascinated me was the touch screen infotainment powered by Harman. This fantastic feature allows one to access a bunch of connectivity and entertainment features. For example, you can access the “MapmyIndia” navigation feature by connecting it with your smart phone which should have that app. The app is free to download.

3. The fabulous exterior design: When I saw the Tata Bolt,  I found that the headlamp design in the front gives the car an expressive look. The blacked out C-pillar arms at the rear end gives the car a reverse floating roof look. The backside of the Bolt is totally different from that of Tata Zest. The roofline looks clean and petite. The design of the exterior of Tata Bolt looks compact and dense.
4. The fabulous three drive modes: This feature of Tata Bolt definitely impressed me a lot. The car has three drive modes: Sport, Eco and City. The default mode of the car is City mode but you can switch the car to Eco mode (excellent fuel efficiency mode) or Sport mode (agile and peppy low efficiency mode). When you feel that you are craving for a burst of power, switching the car to sport mode would give you a great experience. The City mode is a good balance between the two other modes.

5. Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine: The 4 cylinder Revotron, 1.2 T turbocharged engine can give you an exceptionally powerful and great driving experience. The suspension geometry of the car has been adjusted in such a way that the quality of ride would be comfortable even in bad roads. The straight line stability and the high speed performance make it a great car.

A lot of effort and innovation has been poured to make Tata Bolt a wholesome and complete car. The car also has many advanced safety features which are an additional advantage. Tata Bolt would surely rewrite Tata’s existence in the car business. It looks magnificent and highly appealing. After checking out this wonderful car, I am all eager to Get. Set. Bolt in the new BOLT. 

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  1. Such a wonderful post, you will give any car reviewers a run for money. After reading your post...I definitely feel like going for a test drive. :-)

  2. Thank you Gaurab for the kind words. I am looking forward to read your review after you check out the car :)

  3. Gorgeous review pal!

  4. Lets see Tata gamble on "Tata Bolt" works or not.Thanks for sharing nice review.

  5. Any comment after using the car....atlest one year..petrol version...


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