Thursday 18 December 2014

Unleash your infantile liveliness in a vacation with a kid!

If you have ever gone somewhere on a vacation with a kid, you would understand that how a kid’s excitement and enthusiasm can make even a dull vacation interesting. Kids no doubt, add magic and exhilaration throughout the trip.

I can say so because some years back, I went on a trip to the Chilka Lake and Puri in Orissa with my cousin brother’s family. My niece was about four or five years old then and I must say that the entire trip became so memorable and beautiful because of that little girl. 

We adults forget to see the beauty in the tiniest of things. For us, a long train journey is nothing very adventuresome or interesting. I generally prefer to read a book or listen to music until I feel drowsy and the other people generally talk about their lives, eat the various snacks available in trains or play cards. My little niece was adamant that she would stand by the window and see the outside scenery. Every time something caught her fancy, she would tell us to see the thing and marvel at the beauty. This is the thing about kids. Their innocence and enthusiasm is contagious. When a kid is with you, you cannot help but unleash that childish side of yours. A beautiful feeling of liberation grips you. I remember enjoying the train journey so much with Titasha, my niece. We played clap games, enjoyed having candies together, shared stories and she innocently asked me how I was reading a book without any pictures. 

 Not only the train journey but also the entire trip was so fun-filled because of that little girl. Her talkative, curious and inquisitive nature reminded me of my own childhood. I totally remember that she unleashed the infantile liveliness in me on that trip, especially when we saw the dolphins at the Chilka Lake and when we used to go to the Puri beach. The best thing about a kid in a vacation is that even if a place doesn’t interest or intrigue you much, the kid’s elation will fill you up with a renewed energy and you would look at the place in a new light.

But few things should always be kept in mind when you are taking a small kid to a vacation. Before going to the trip, you must take your kid for a health check-up to be sure that he or she is physically fit for the trip. First-aid kit and urgent medicines should be definitely carried. Kids are so impatient and restless that they may hurt themselves somewhere. So carrying a first-aid kit is mandatory. 

If you are taking a kid to a vacation, it would be better to go to places which have a zoological park, theme park or a museum so that your kid can have an enjoyable time. I remember that in our Orissa trip, my niece was so excited to visit the Nandankanan Zoological Park. She even drew a picture of that zoo after returning from the trip. Taking kids to places which can interest them would ensure that both the kid and the adults would have a great time during the vacation. 

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