Thursday 25 December 2014

Dear Santa...Thank you so much!

Today on the day of Christmas, when I look back at the last year's Christmas, I am filled with an abundance of gratitude.
Last year at this time, I was trapped in the dark lanes of dilemma. I was unable to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Hit by a couple of setbacks and adversities, I was not finding a place where I could stand safely.
My health was not at all well, my personal life was suffering badly, my academics were also hampered and I was unable to figure out where my career was heading.
It was at that time when I prayed Santa a lot to guide me towards light. I kept telling Santa last year, "Please show me a way. Give me directions to make this life beneficial and constructive. This is what I want from you."
In that tranquil night, I was unaware if my wish was answered.
I only felt a Superior Power whispering to me. It said, "Look within yourself. The light inside will guide you. There is nothing impossible for you to do."

And the moment I learned to relate myself to my soul and hear my inner voice, I could find a land of possibilities. The year 2014 has been every enriching and fulfilling for me. I learned plenty of things, came across many new people some of whom taught me new lessons, some showed me how to live life better, some put me through challenges and adversities but at the end, each one of them had been istrumental.

I got to learn some of the most valuable lessons of life this year:

Unless I dare to lose sight of the shore, I cannot discover new possibilities. 

This is something I learned when I was at the crossroads this year. After letting go of all the thoughts about what my relatives will think, I decided to take writing (content writing, editing, creative writing) as my full time profession. I was expected to do a corporate job but I took the call as I wanted to do something that can placate me always. I dared to lose sight of the shore and I could dicover a new 'me' in this process.

Stop taking yourself so seriously. It is okay to make some mistakes.

I have done plenty of mistakes in my life, be it choosing the subject in my graduation, doing MBA etc etc. Mistakes are inevitable. This year, also I made some mistakes due to my naive nature. But, unlike other years when I started cursing myself, I took it easily this time. This is one lesson I learnt this year: to stop taking myself so seriously.

Love yourself. The world will always try to pull you down, it's your self-love that can defend you at those times.

I learned to love myself wholeheartedly this year. I accepted my flaws and limitations. I understood that the  beauty of being a human being is in being imperfect. During times when someone criticized me or tried to pull me down, my self-love defended me from breaking down. Some of the most beautiful people in my life helped me to love myself a little more as they could see my light, when I was incapable in seeing it.

Cleanse your inner vision so that you see nothing but light, your own and those around you.

This is the year when I got inclined towards spirituality so much. Yoga and meditation had helped me a lot to cleanse my inner vision. I also left eating animals (chicken and fish) this year. I always try to focus on the positive. My motto is to never let the smile fade from my face and to make everyone around me smile. I always try to see the light in others and me.

Believe in yourself as much as you want the world to believe you.

This is another thing that I learned this year. Before the release of my 2nd book, "The Hidden Letters" (August, 2014), I was quite anxious and apprehensive as the protagonist of the book was a middle aged woman and I was skeptical if I could do justice to it. I was also scared to read the book when I got it in my hand. But then, I learned that I must believe in myself wholeheartedly so that the world can believe in me.  And when great reviews started pouring in, I understood how essential it is to keep the faith and belief in oneself.

Pour your love into everything you do so that your life will be a work of art.

Yes! Do the thing you love and when you do it, pour all your love in it. It doesn't matter how significant or insignificant your task is, the thing that matters is that you are pouring your heart and soul into it. When I am working on the daily articles or on my next book or even on a blogpost, I keep reminding myself these lines and all I get is bliss.

Never let the pain of your past make you should only make you better.

Lastly, I learned to forgive everyone in my past who has hurted me and caused damage to my life. I am thankful to them for giving me some important, hard-hitting lessons in my life. They are the people who made me strong, independent and better. Had they not hurt me, I wouldn't have been what I am today.

Dear Santa, you only told me last year to look within and that I will find light in my soul. I exactly did that and was able to sort all the problems of my life. This year, I don't want to ask anything from you but I would like to tell you a big Thank You for guiding me constantly. I wish to become a better version of myself in 2015.

Thank you Santa, Thank you God, Thank you Universe!

P.S: Merry Christmas everyone :)

<Me and my bestie on last year's Christmas>


  1. i love this post <3 santa would have been proud to read it :) made me smile each line especially one in bold. :) merry christmas and have a gr8 year ahead didiiiiiii.. lots of <3 love :)

  2. Thank you so much Sachin and Sisir for liking the post.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance :)

  3. All these lines seems to be written for me...
    Thank you Purba for helping me.
    Wishes to you for the new year ...

  4. Thanks dear for liking the post. God bless you :)


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