Sunday, 23 November 2014

Those beautiful days of childhood!

No matter how old or matured we become, a nursery rhyme, a moral story or a fairy tale has that tremendous power to take us back to those beautiful childhood days. Those days when mom used to read bedtime stories to me before I went to bed and the rhymes which were more endearing than any songs.  The best part of those stories was the morals which shaped us to be the person we are today.

It is difficult to choose my favorites among those plenty of nursery rhymes, moral stories and fairy tales. However, I can associate some of my best childhood memories with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”.

When I watched this video, I felt that this little girl is no one else but me when I was a little kid. My favorite rhyme has always been “Twinkle twinkle little star…how I wonder what you are”. I used to annoy my mother a lot in my childhood when she used to feed me dinner. I used to run all around the house so that I don’t have to eat. In order to make me sit quietly at a place, my mom used to take me near the window. She would tell me to count the stars in the sky and at that time when I became busy counting the stars, she used to feed me dinner. I was always so fascinated with these twinkling of the stars and whenever anyone would tell me to say a rhyme, I would recite this one for sure.

Watching this video of “Little Red Riding Hood” also brought back plenty of fond memories. I was in class 1 and there was this fancy dress competition in my school. My favorite color was red and so my mom dressed me up as Little Red Riding Hood. I wore a beautiful red frock and a red scarf on my head. I carried a basket and looked like Red Riding Hood. The dress suited me so much that I remember that I won the second prize for this fancy dress competition.  I also remember that after I heard this story, I never talked to strangers in my childhood. The moral of the story “You should never talk to strangers and listen to your parents” pierced through my mind quite well.

It was really a pleasure watching these lovely videos in and recollecting the affectionate memories of childhood days. 

One of my fav childhood picture...when I was three years old

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  1. I still remember how as a kid, I used to hide in the lap of my mom, covering myself and what a feeling of safety it used to be...The safest corner in the world is not too far or hard earned, just go back to your mom and hide yourself:) .

    Beautifully Written!!!

  2. So true! Childhood memories are just so precious in all of our lives. Thank you for liking the post :)

  3. this post made me smile :D especially the pic <3

  4. I agree, it's difficult to select a favourite among nursery rhymes.I loved almost every one of them. Wonderful post, Purba.

  5. Yeah Kiran. All these rhymes are just so much associated with our very being that it is difficult to choose 1 or 2 favorite rhymes. I also loved all of them. Thanks for liking the post :)


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