Thursday, 23 October 2014

Without a child's laughter, a house looks like an arid desert!

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A home looks so vibrant and joyful with a child’s laughter, pranks and playfulness. The topic “A healthy child makes a healthy home” reminded me of so many incidents from my life. 

An incident when I was a child

I was a very talkative, naughty and a vivacious child. When I was about eight or ten years old, I used to eat a lot of ice creams whenever I was invited to a birthday or a marriage party. I used to escape the eyes of my mother and gulp down 2-3 ice creams at a go. And then, the next morning I would wake up with tonsillitis, broken voice, cold and fever.
I was no longer a chatterbox as my throat and mouth would hurt every time I would try to speak. My house abruptly transformed into a dull and sullen abode without my giggles and blabbering. My mother would read stories for me from a collection of short stories and I would listen to her in pain. My mother’s face would have shades of woe, suffering and pain as I couldn't question her at all when she was reading the story. On normal days, I would have annoyed her with multiple questions.
I can still remember the pain stricken face of my mother and father. My silence really jabbed their hearts. And after I recovered, they took special care so that I don’t get to eat a single ice cream. 

An incident of my two year old neighbor

My neighbors have a sweet and pretty two year old daughter, Rupsha. I go to visit her often, whenever I get time. She is a powerhouse of energy. My grandmother tells me that I have been just like her in my childhood. She never stops talking and loves to sing and dance.
If I am going through a tiresome day, I just need to visit her and all my tiredness would vanish miraculously. However recently, she fell from the bed and had a fracture in her arm. She would keep crying in her house out of pain. I went to visit her twice but I was totally taken back by the ambiance of my neighbor’s house. It felt as if a beautiful flower garden which was inhabited by the chirpiest birds was replaced by a deadly desert.
There were no laughter and happiness in their house. My neighbors looked lost and pathetic and the little baby wept in pain every now and then. My eyes became clammy at the sight.
I realized why my parents would forbid me to eat ice creams and scold me when I got drenched in rain. I remembered how my parents almost got a heart attack when I got stitches in my head after falling from the swing.

When a child is healthy, he or she spreads happiness all around the house. The parents of the child are always brimming with energy and enthusiasm with their child’s pranks and mischievous activities. A house that has a healthy child is always booming with laughter. Children suffer from cold, sore throat and fever very often. Therefore every parent must give Dabur Chyawanprash to their children which will boost their immunity and make them less susceptible to the common cold. A healthy child really makes a healthy home. Without a child's laughter, a house looks like an arid desert.

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