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Memory Intrigues (Chapter 30)

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This is the 30th chapter of the mysteriously riveting story "Memory Intrigues". This novel is being written by "Dynamic Wordweavers" for the Game of Blogs organized by Blogadda #CelebrateBlogging

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The story so far:

Cyrus picks up Roohi in his hands and waits for someone to break in to help.  Not much later, Jen and Thorat break in.
“Thanks Cyrus.  Good job.” says Jen as she collects Roohi from him .
“Ahuja has gone to the address you gave me.” Cyrus informs her, not knowing that Ahuja is already receiving ‘special treatment’ from the cops.
“You don’t have to worry about it. He is already learning numbers, counting bars.  Or rather, the cops are learning numbers counting his bones,” Thorat says quietly.
Roohi looks at Jennifer and ACP Sameer Thorat with terror-stricken eyes, unable to comprehend all the flurry of confusing activity around her.  She slowly edges towards Cyrus, the only familiar person in the room.
Jennifer senses Roohi’s apprehension and kneels down on the floor to match Roohi’s height.
“Hi sweetheart, this is Jennifer.  You can call me Jen or Jenny.”  Jennifer says endearingly.
“And you are princess Roohi…right?” Jennifer continues, finding Roohi silent.
A lovable, yet hesitant smile lights up Roohi’s face.  She nods her head.
“I am your father’s best friend.  Your father is missing you a lot, so he told me to bring his princess Roohi back to him.”  Jennifer says, pinching Roohi’s left cheek.  For some inexplicable reason, Jennifer feels very affectionate towards Roohi.
Jenny aunty, does Papa really miss me? Roohi says with an innocence so natural, that it melts Jennifer’s heart.  How could she have even thought of hurting this kid?
“Yes sweetheart.  Papa and Mamma both miss you a lot.  They cannot live without you.  You are their princess.  Both of them are waiting for you at home.”
I want to go home Jenny aunty.  I too miss Papa and Mamma. I thought they don’t love me.
“They love you a lot.  How can someone not love the most beautiful child on this earth?  That is why they told Jenny aunty to bring you back to them.”  Jennifer says in a soft tone.
Give me one minute; let me bring my pink teddy from that room.” Roohi shouts and runs to the other room in excitement.
Cyrus looks at Jennifer with remorseful eyes.
“It is alright Cyrus. Don’t feel guilty. It is because of you that we got back Roohi completely unharmed.” Jennifer consoles Cyrus.
Thanks Jennifer. You prevented me from committing the most heinous crime of my life.”
“The wrong path always beckons us, but if we can retreat from that tantalizing path, then that is the real achievement Cyrus”  Jennifer says, more to herself than to Cyrus.
“Do you have a pen Sameer?” Jennifer asks, breaking Sameer’s reverie.
Huh?” Sameer is totally bedazzled by the way Jennifer talked to Roohi and Cyrus. With every passing second, he can’t help but fall even more in love with this girl.
Pen?   Yeah. I got one” Sameer pulls out a pen from his pocket.
Jennifer goes to the coffee table where a notepad is kept. She scribbles the words hurriedly after thinking for a few seconds.
The memory card I sent you was blank. This one which I am sending you has been the most important object of my life. This is the memory card which I could risk my life for… However, I don’t need it anymore.
Jennifer takes out the memory card from the chain which she has been wearing around her neck since almost a decade.  She looks at the card with a smile of contentment.  Roohi’s effervescent laughter brings solace to her mind.
She walks to up to Roohi and kisses her cheeks.
“So princess is all set to go home?  Give this letter and this memory card to your Papa.  Tell him, Jenny has sent it” Jennifer tells Roohi.
What is in this card?” Roohi asks after receiving the card.
“They are memories” Jennifer says tenderly.
Why are you not coming with me Jenny aunty?” Roohi asks innocently.
“I will come later.  You go with Cyrus now”  Jennifer replies.
Roohi waves Jennifer goodbye and Jennifer’s eyes well up.
As Jennifer wipes her tears, she remembers that without Sameer this plan wouldn’t have been possible.
“Thank you Sameer.  You don’t know what you have done for me. You saved me from making a very big mess of my life.”
I want to keep saving you from every anguish, problem and complication of your life.  Just allow me to do so.” Sameer says, inching closer towards Jennifer.”
Jennifer looks at Sameer awkwardly, as Sameer takes her hand in his.
Marry me Vivacious Jen. I am head over heels in love with you.
Jennifer – unusually for her - can’t find any appropriate words for the occasion and ends up blushing.  Sameer embraces her and all the broken pieces inside her seem to get glued in that instant with that magical hug.
Jennifer realizes that she has never been so happy in life.  She also decides to give away the photos to Tara; it was because of her that Tara faced so many problems at her work.  After years of turbulence, her mind and heart is finally at peace.  She reciprocates Sameer’s hug with a tight one of her own.

The Dutta Residence
The bell rings.  Tara jumps up and rushes to the door.  Shekhar follows her.  They are overwhelmed by emotions at the sight of Roohi.  Tara hugs Roohi tightly.
“Darling, I missed you so much.  Promise me you won’t leave us again. Mamma is sorry for everything, baby.”  Tara totally breaks down with Roohi in her arms.
I love you Mamma. I missed you too.  Mamma, why are you crying?” Roohi asks Tara as she understands how much her mother has missed her.
Shekhar thanks Cyrus, who is standing in the corner, his head hanging in guilt and shame.  He takes Roohi in his arms and apologizes to his little princess.
Papa, Jenny has said to give this to you” Roohi hands over the letter and card to Shekhar.
Shekhar keeps the letter and card on the table.  He moves towards Tara as he finds her talking to Cyrus in a cold tone.
Please believe me Tara Ma’am.  Roohi felt ignored by you and Shekhar Sir. I just wanted you both to realize her importance. I did not have any idea about Ahuja’s dangerous plan until Jen told me.  I am sorry” Cyrus murmurs.
“Thank you, Cyrus, for bringing my daughter back to me.  And don’t you ever show me your face again.  Just go away.  What you did is unforgivable.” Tara says bluntly, trying to suppress her anger.
Cyrus nods his head and decides to go back to Delhi.  He leaves.
Shekhar pats Tara’s shoulder as a sign of reassurance that she did the right thing. Tara smiles at Shekhar and asks Roohi what she wants to eat.  Shekhar moves to check the letter and memory card sent by Jen.
I want to have pasta, Mamma.”  Tara smiles at her princess and moves towards the kitchen, when her eyes are riveted by the picture on Shekhar’s laptop.  The photographs of Jennifer and Shekhar displayed on the screen pierce her heart.
“What are these?” Tara asks timidly.
This is the memory card Jen has sent. It contains old photos of when…
“You both were in a relationship.”  A tear escapes Tara’s right eye.
Shekhar nods his head.
“I know I have been a horrible wife Shekhar. I don’t have any words to apologize.  I heard Jen and you were talking over phone.  Do you still love Jennifer?  Do we have a future Shekhar?  Please tell me the truth, no matter how bitter it is.” Tara’s vulnerable words go through Shekhar’s heart.
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.  If you have been a bad wife, then I have been a pathetic husband.  What’s done cannot be undone Tara.  I want to begin a new journey from today, with you and Roohi.  You both are my life” Shekhar says, his eyes glistening with tears.  He takes out the memory card and throws it into the dustbin.
Tara’s eyes become moist and she hugs Shekhar with all her love and affection.
Yay! Mamma and Papa are not fighting today.” Roohi jumps in joy as she sees her parents embracing each other, probably for the first time in years.
Tara and Shekhar laugh at Roohi’s reaction and cuddle their adorable princess. After what seemed like ages, home, to Tara and Shekhar has an arcadian feel about it.

                                                         ~~~~~THE END~~~~~

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  1. What a wonderful end to a suspense drama! Say what you will, but I just love these happy endings. :-D Been a great journey Purba. Wish "Dynamic Wordweavers" all the very best.

  2. It was such a fabulous journey indeed. Really felt emotional writing the last chapter. You were such a wonderful mentor Swati ji. Much love :)

  3. Excellent end to an excellent tale. Team Dynamic Wordweavers is EXCELLENT :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Nice ending, Nice message, Nicely capsuled with all the story characters happy for the right reasons. Definitely a great suspense thriller from beginning till end. Memory card hoax has been very interesting indeed. Congrats to all the authors for piecing up an impressive story line.

  5. A brilliant ending, Purba. So, they lived happily ever after? I'd like to think so.
    Superb writing. :)

  6. The ending is brillant. Ahuja [a pimp] is being kicked by the police, Jenny finally agrees to the marriage proposal by Sameer, Cyrus with a heavy heart leaves for his home town Delhi. Tara and Shekar re-united with Roohi their angel. Excellant team of Dynamic Wordweavers - all the best. It was a nice journey reading all the episodes. Thumbs up.

  7. Very well finished - ur team has made a clean sweep - all is well that ends well . Jen change of mind to accept sameer is a welcome decision . Roohi got her happy parents back . Congrats to your team

  8. Rajesh and Kiran, it was really a pleasure working with you guys. Dynamic Word Weavers is really an amazing team. Thanks for everything :)

  9. Thank you Sridhar, Nitya and Shobha for reading our story and for all the encouraging words. We are so glad that you have taken the time to read the entire story :)


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