Wednesday 29 October 2014

Destiny vs Karma: A conversation

Karma and Destiny are two powerful enigmas that our life revolves around. Recently I had a discussion about this Karma vs Destiny with a very talented blogger Gaurab: Processing the life and it was quite interesting and absorbing. So I thought to write a blogpost about it. Here are some excerpts of the conversation.

Me: I thought you don't believe in Destiny. You only believe in Karma.

Gaurab: Karma shapes our destiny.

Me: So you feel that they are completely interrelated.

Gaurab: Shiva said, "Karma shapes our destiny...following your destiny again creates good karma (which comes first cannot be told but it is a circle).

Me: So you believe it is a circle?

Gaurab: See...there is destiny, but we have karma too. Karma is not like a proportional thing but it shapes our life.

Me: Right. Both these factors rule our life and I feel that they are sometimes independent of each other and sometimes they are mutually dependent.

Gaurab: If you want, then you can change your life for better. Sometimes(not always) your destiny is dependent on the choices that you make.

Me: True. I believe that destiny is 80% dependent on the choices that we make in life and you know, that's where we humans mess it up and then it gets interlinked with karma.

Gaurab: And what about the 20 %?

Me: 20% is scripted by The Supreme. All the people we meet in life who shapes us and plays an integral part in our life...this is totally scripted by God. Now what to do of each person and how to treat them are the choices that we have to make. And every choice has its own consequence.

Gaurab: True. With our choices, we sometimes may end up taking a longer path but finally we will reach our destiny...our home.

Me: Absolutely. I feel there is one power that is stronger than even destiny and karma. That is time. Destiny and Karma are totally dependent on time. 

Gaurab: Yes. Time is indeed very powerful. I have a theory about time...will talk about that later.

And then our conversation drifted to time and its mystery. It is always very enriching to have a deep seated conversation with intellectual people. If you have a different perspective about destiny and karma, then please post it in the comments section.


  1. Though Gaurab has given good points, I think I agree with Purba. 20% is beyond our control. Time heals everything and sometimes, changes the perspective of right and wrong.

    1. Thanks Kiran. :-) Even I agree with purba. :-)

  2. Absolutely Kiran. Time really changes the way we comprehend things :)

  3. You have given the post a beautiful flow from starting till the end. Wonderful post. :-) :D

  4. Without you, this post wouldn't have been possible. So thanks Gaurab :)


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