Saturday, 9 August 2014

Taken for granted!

What is love, if not respected?
What is respect, if never expressed?
Yet there are innumerable hearts
Who take another heart for granted.
So easily, so crassly.
Love demands gentle wisps of care
A trifle word of comfort,
Yet enslaved by the myth of staying busy
It gets neglected and overlooked,
Enforcing it to suffocate and perish.
Absence of love perhaps hurts
But disregarded love stings,
There is no affliction that can ever match
To the malady called "Taken for granted"!


  1. Nicely expressed, Purba.
    May this 'taken for granted' never break us, rather may we emerge wiser from the experience.

  2. Absolutely Anita. Totally agree with you. Thanks :)

  3. If you live for peopl's acceptance you die by their rejection.

    Aditya S


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