Thursday, 28 August 2014

My house craves for a traditional flavor!

I simply love festivals and feel so lucky that I am born in a country which celebrates so many festivals in a year.
Being a Bengali, the biggest festival we celebrate is the Durga Puja and this year, the commencement of Puja is from 29th September. Every year, me and my family indulge in a lot of shopping to adorn our house in new flavors before the Puja. I love shopping for my home as it is my sweet little Arcadia. I love to try different flavors of embellishment in my home as I believe variety is the spice of life. However during the festive season, I prefer to give my house a beautiful ethnic touch that goes well with the festive mood.

When I stumbled across Blogadda's new contest "Re-do your house", I was delighted. With the wide range of beautiful products from, I am supposed to choose three items. The products were so beautiful that I had a tough dilemma to choose only 3 products.

The first product that made my eyes transfixed to it is the 925 Silver Fish Mouth Silver Flower Pot 15070.
I always have an affinity for flower vases as I love flowers. From roses to orchids to gladiolus to daisies, flowers cheer up my mood like nothing else. And a classic flower pot made of silver is something that will enhance the aura of my home. Silver is one of my favorite metal as it has a calming and soothing effect. I would keep this silver flower pot on the coffee table of my living room and fill it with different flowers everyday.

Next I would choose Aapno Rajasthan Wood Clay Keri Floor Art (Rangoli). I love to make Rangolis and make one every Diwali. They add so much positivity and color to our lives. When you look at a beautiful rangoli, you forget every petty worries you have. They are like a ray of sunshine. But unfortunately, handmade rangolis do not last for more than three days. So I would choose this floor art to embellish my house. I would place it in the entrance of my house to greet good luck and guests. The vibrant shade of yellow and the white kundans studded on the floor art enlarges its beauty.
Lastly the product that stole my heart was The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner. The wonderful abstract design of this ivory white oil burner captivated me. I would place this oil burner in the corner of my living room. I would choose an aromatic oil to light it. The beautiful soothing glow it will emanate along with a pleasing fragrance would fill my house with beauty and divinity. 
With these three beautiful products, I wish to give my house a great ethnic and beautiful touch in this festive season. I can understand that my house is craving for a traditional flavor now. 

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