Sunday 24 August 2014

Letter from Rani!

Yesterday, I watched Mardaani.
Rani Mukerji has always been one of my favorite actors. After her electric performance in No one killed Jessica, I was waiting eagerly to watch another of her power packed performance. And Mardaani in every aspect fulfills my expectations.
Rani's super cop performance is dynamic and stirs your soul to shed every bit of fear and inhibition. There are some worth-whistling scenes in the movie where the bad guy is beaten into pulp by our own Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani).
And another thing about Mardaani that gains brownie points from me is that there are no stupid songs in the movie to interrupt its flow. The plot is engaging and focuses solely on getting hold of the criminal.
Seriously, in today's world where crimes against women are crossing all figures and boundaries, every woman needs to shed her inhibitions and fears. They need to speak up!
If a man teases or tries to touch a woman against her wish in a public place or a public transport, there are many women who will ignore it in the fear of getting involved in further problems. I have myself seen so many women keeping shut when they are abused or touched against their wish. The man who teases this woman feels that he is the winner and continues his ritual with the second woman he comes across. But if every single woman speaks up at every wrong doing, this world will no more be an abode to crimes against women.
Anyways, that is quite unlikely to happen but we can hope for the best and bring a change in ourselves as much as possible.

The best moment of yesterday was as I reached home after watching Mardaani still pondering over Shivani Shivaji Roy's daring act, I checked my email and was overwhelmed to find this: Letter from Rani

 I jumped in joy that my blogpost about my best friend, who is a real Mardaani got applauded by the entire Mardaani team.
Priyam was even more happier than her act of bravery was recognized.
That we both could share a common joy and triumph was something absolutely amazing. It was my writing and her deed.
Here's the blogpost which I wrote for the Mardaani Blogging Contest:
A super girl with a mettlesome heart

May all women of this world have the heart to protest against every injustice inflicted on them and speak up for their rights!

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