Monday, 18 August 2014

A dear wish!

In my aunt's house, there is a small girl of ten years old. She is an orphan. My aunt was searching for a house maid when the cook of their house brought this girl to her. My aunt was reluctant to keep such a small child for the housework but when the cook said that she had no one in the world and not even a house to live, my aunt felt compassionate towards her. The girl stays in my aunt's house like a family member. My aunt has admitted her in a nearby school and tells everyone that this little girl is her responsibility. I really admired my aunt's deed.
One day, I visited my aunt's house and felt extremely hurt to see that the little girl was washing cups and plates kept in the kitchen.
On asking my aunt, she told me that she never gives the little girl any huge task to do. She only does little tasks in return of which my aunt is financing her education, food and clothing.
The reason I felt bad is that my aunt's 22 year old daughter never bothers to even taken a glass of water on her own whereas this 10 year old child keeps the house clean, gives water and tea to the guests and does other general work. I understood that my aunt has kept the girl for her own benefits.

Ever since I was eighteen years old, a wish crept on my mind from the depth of my soul. I always wanted to adopt a girl child. Seeing this ten year old girl in my aunt's house, this secret wish of mine somehow intensified further.
I had promised myself that once I gain financial stability in my life, the first thing I will do is adopt a 5 year old girl child.
Though I am financially independent now, I feel that I should have enough savings and stability to take the responsibility of a child. Whenever I see an orphan child, my heart overflows with an unsaid anguish.
I am longing to have my daughter with me whom I can love unconditionally and free her from every misery and woe. And I know that the day I will be able to do so, I will be in a state of euphoria. I know that the happiness I will gain that day by holding my daughter in my arms will be of the highest kind.
In the future, I will get married and will bear a child but the happiness of mothering a child who has no one in the world and giving her a life full of love and security will surely be greater for me.
My family supports my decision happily and I hope the day comes soon when my daughter will be with me.
My life will seem worthy and truly satisfying to me that day.
I hope this dear wish of mine gets true soon and I can name her IPSHA which means wish.

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  1. That's a great wish to have. Hope it becomes true one day. I'm totally against child labor and 10 years is really young. :(

    When I was younger I wanted to adopt a African origin child. I don't know what exactly made me have that thought but I had it in my mind and many in my family knew that. Though they never thought I'm serious. ;) :)

  2. Yeah it's so sad to see a ten year old girl working and especially getting scolded when she makes a mistake :'(

    Why "African origin child"?
    Anyways it's great that you too had this kind of wish sometimes in your life.
    And I really hope my wish comes true :)

  3. I actually don't know that what actually led to that thought but I think maybe the poor situation in which they lived ? But I wonder at that young age I was that sensible or not ? ;) :)


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