Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ZEN Fairy~~ How I wish this was true!

Isn't it not fascinating to get a phone which can transform you into a little fairy with a magic power? Conventional fairies have a magic wand but in 2014, won't it be super thrilling if the magic wand is replaced by a magic phone?
Yes definitely it will. I was inordinately thrilled when I found that my new ASUS Zenphone 5 has an incredible quality which can let me control the entire world.
It was evening and I called my cousin sister to tell her that I got a new phone. She congratulated me and asked me to send her some pictures of my new phone. My excitement multiplied manifold after talking to my cousin. Now as I kept my phone beside me after talking to her, I heard a message beep. I held my phone in my hand and was startled to see the message on my screen. It read:

"The person you called just now was extremely angry and jealous on you. She is thinking to buy a better phone than you and is quite upset on you. She has no intention to talk to you for a considerate amount of time."

VOILA! I was speechless after reading this message. It was an auto generated message of the phone. I tried to decipher the words that I read in this message for a minute or two. I thought something and whimsically, I dialed Dad's number and talked to him for some minutes telling him about my new phone and other general stuffs. After disconnecting the phone, I stared at the screen of my phone waiting breathlessly for the inevitable. When sixty seconds passed, I thought my impatience to be idiocy. I took a sigh of relief when my phone beeped. I took it in my trembling hands and clicked on another auto-generated message which flashed on the screen.

"The person you called just now was extremely happy and contented to hear about you. He is planning a dinner for you in some affluent restaurant."

So the mist was cleared in front of my eyes. I thought for a moment and screamed in exhilaration. OMG. My phone can read minds of people and report their thoughts to me. All I need to do is to call them up and after they have talked to me, I can get a transparent insight of their minds. Is it not super cool?

This phone can help me to point out my hidden foes and can also save me from their dangerous intentions and motives. I made a call to at least fifty friends of mine that day, many of whom were just my acquaintance as I wanted to read everyone's mind. It became a hobby to read every person's mind. Through this phone, I also got to learn about my secret admirers and my blushing knew no limits thereafter. I am thinking to secretly rename myself as the ZEN Fairy and solve other people's problems under a secret agency. I can easily help others find out who their secret enemy is or what their partner is thinking about with my Zenphone 5.
Now only if I could get the phone numbers of the politicians of the country and see what plans they are hatching inside their head!

I am writing this post as part of contest organised by Indiblogger and  ASUS .
Contest Topic is:Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can't see and do what others cant't do!

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