Saturday, 12 July 2014

You are a soul with a body!

Is religion over-rated? what is your take?

Yes, religion is definitely over rated for no good. 

What are religions actually made for? I guess they are there to encourage us to be believers of some deities, indulge in religious activities and read religious scriptures to be a good human being. But there is no proper logic behind so many religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jewism etc. The Gita and the Bible preach exactly the same thing.

Religions have divided the entire human race in an ugly way...haven't they? We have learn to differentiate between a Muslim and a Hindu based on the person's religion and religious practices. Does following a particular religion and abhorring other religions take you closer to God?

God is one. Then, when God is one, why is He divided into so many religions?

Instead of being a believer of that omnipotent Supreme, why do we develop a certain annoyance towards other religions? God had taken the human form to appear on Earth several times to preach us about humanity and spirituality. Be it Lord Krishna or Jesus, they both appeared on the face of Earth to enlighten mere human beings. 

According to me, being extremely religious does one no supreme good. If you want to connect yourself with God, find Him in yourself. Your soul is a part of the Supreme, which is dwelling inside your body. After your body will perish, your immortal soul will mingle with the universe, to enter another body as directed by the Almighty. Remind yourself everyday that you don't have a soul; you are a soul which has a visible part called the body.

Instead of being religious, better be spiritual. Connect with your soul by means of meditation and yoga. As you will connect with your soul, you can feel the magical connection between you and the Supreme. That connection will fill you up with abundance of compassion and happiness. Humanity, compassion, forgiveness, calmness and love are the limbs of spirituality. 

Spirituality binds all the religions and channel them towards the omnipotent Creator. You can find God in his every Creation. From the blade of the green grass to the black clouds in the sky, the Supreme manifests Himself in every form of his creation. 

Don't despise any religion. Don't have over-pride in your own religion. Let the religion dangle aside for a keep sake.
Focus on being a spiritual person who can feel the Almighty guiding him always and can see Him in every object of Nature. 

God bless!


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  3. I have promoted your post on FB because you've raised very pertinent questions. Today religion is a business. In the past, it was the biggest cause of strife among people. Our civilisation should outgrow this menace.

  4. Thank you. I am glad you found my post worthy enough to promote it on fb.


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